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Trump’s not crazy, you are.

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Paul Joseph Watson says:

The same media that fanned the flames of hysterical anti-Trump craziness for a year…

Craziness that led to riots, shootings, and mass Trump Derangement Syndrome…

Is now saying Trump's crazy.

Oh, the irony.


TacoLoco1000 says:

release of fisa memo is going to hit the afterburners on trump derangement syndrome

Brandon Walthers says:

I love that it came out that this guy never interviewed or even spent any time in the white house. The entire book is made up LMFAO…. They really arent sure how to cook the spaghetti that is propaganda, eventually the pasta will stick!
Yea right, you can't just make shit up and expect it to stick….at least create fake evidence of something…oh wait, fusion GPS lmfao

daft2hans says:

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist reference @ 4:33

MinxLaura123 ASMR says:

Great video!

BeegtymeRawkstah says:

I know CNN puts asshole bandits like Cooper on the air, but I had no idea they put a full-on twink on TV. I mean the most disgusting kind of short, bald, pudgy, lisping buttboy? Absolutely disgusting. What's next? A 6'5" tranny with 5-oclock and an adam's apple the size of a grapefruit?

Melon Sherbert says:

Great video all around but i liked it the second you showed that clip of Frontier Psychiatrist

thedude says:

I dated a far left girl. Hot but crazy as shit! Never again! They preach but do the opposite of what they talk about.

Edward Garrison says:

The "psychiatrist" is a proven fraud and not a psychiatrist.

JustARandomSpy says:

We need more people like you here in Brazil.

Master Architect says:

None of these television stations, or phony celebrities are deranged or psychotic. They're paid to push political propaganda. That's all there is to it. They're paid Liars.

Danny Zeak says:

They're literally on backup plan number #432 lol

Russell K. Bonney says:

For more chin puppets just look at everyone. The whole world has gone crazy. OK then how much crime and bad behavior do you want to allow? OK then do you really want to have to carry the S&W in your hand as you walk the streets. Do you want to have to have an armed guard to take your kids to school? Do you really want to have every other dollar you earn stolen off you and givent to some illegal immigrant or dole bludger? Do you? Do you? Do you really want to be a mushroom? Do you really? Do you really want ass cheeks with lips giving you their opinion as news?

KaskadianRepublik says:


Commie monarchist Mapper says:

When you say Trump is fascist and violent and antisemite as Mussolini
1-But your voters threatened Trump supporters with stones knives punches and guns
2-But Obama attacked Libya and Syria
3-But his daughter married a jew
4-But you are supported financially by Arabs

Rayans says:

Liberals can't stop hatting on trump they're crazy!

JASON P. Roberts says:

Another great video…CNN has the dumbest reporters reporters ever.

Dave M says:

I like steak with Ketchup…

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