MILO Responds to the FISA Memo

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MILO calls in to The John Gibson Show.

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Yaelra R. says:

Blah, blah, blah. **yawn** Are you texting from the school cafeteria?

MrWightHD says:

The fact that Troy Gowdy considers that this memo makes no difference to the Russian investigation appears to be conveniently omitted. Troy is leaving the Senate to return to the law. He's probably just awaiting the call to try a President

steven says:

turns out memo had a foot note in it about the steel dossier. Man i bet you all feel pretty stupid right now.Milo is a dumb pedo cunt

Chloe7 Seven says:

sorry Milo, lots have to change. You still believe the Orlando Pulse Shooting happened – right?

JSQ 769 says:

They didnt care because thought Hillary was going to win by a landslide so everything they did wasnt going to be investigated… We would know nothing right now if Hillary won.

Watching TrainsgoBy says:

They knew it was true.. ALL THE MSM knew it was the truth.. The reason they were snickering and laughing and mocking us all,, is they never thought in a million years Trump would be able to prove it.. LAST LAUGH IS ON THOSE IDIOTS.

Ron Lee says:

just another piece of trash. He needed to ran to Sweden

MrCinnamonWhale says:

MILO 2024 (after a second Trump term, obv)

Sleepless Bear says:

DemoRats DemoRats DemoRats 666

Garrett's Studio says:

Milo You are awesome and I love watching the democrats squirm it is so incredibly awesome!

Chris Duhaime says:

Was this action before or after he won the Republican primary

Colleen Devey says:

Lets see arrest now!

Yaelra R. says:

Milo is so real. I love it!

Sherlock Jones says:

The criminals responsible for destroying American security and causing untold damage thru their lies and deceit have done anything but serve the people. The time is overdue for true justice to be served. That includes the rat-bastard propaganda machine referred to as main stream media. All the bad actors must pay with their lives.

JohnRusso007 says:

It's time for Mr Magoo (Jeff Seesions) to start arresting these criminals.

Andrew Szurczynski says:

Until people are at the very least in Gitmo. I will just think this is more good cop bad cop.

Bmore Blondie says:

Only give us a little few min cuz you want us to pay for it . >.<

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