BOOM! Mattis CRUSHES Trump-Hating NBC Reporter after RUDE ‘Parade’ Question THROWN in his face

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Donald Trump has always supported the US military. Trump has been generous with veterans over the past decades.

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Robert Bosch says:

As a USMC Vietnam Veteran, I fully support and endorse a Military Parade. I'll be honored to join other Veterans in Wash. D.C. to wave our Flag.

Gary, you and your team do a such terrific job of bringing us "News We Can Use" in a prompt and timely manner. Much gratitude to you.

Tisha Jennings says:

Nice i support our vets lets give them what they want

Mike Relford says:

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

tjborge says:

To really show our military supremacy it would be a very long parade. LoL I agree that anything to honor our veterans is money well spent.


Robert O’Neill – Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden says of Trump’s Parade Plan:

‘A military parade is third world bullshit. We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation.”

"We had a parade once. It was 2003 and we called it a Thunder Run. Someone remind Vladimir …."

Jaco Botha says:

It is actually about a form of passive warfare. By parading the military (that the rest of the world would want to see) you show off how powerful the military is. It's not just a parade, it is showing your 'gun' to the enemy. Kim Jong Un is great at showing off. Why can't America show it's power as well. They must include the Navy and Air-force as well.

Lorie Parker says:

My daddy was a Korean and Nam veteran and a Purple Heart recipient!! BRING ON THE PARADE!! I LOVE OUR MILITARY!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aaron Irby says:

I also hope we don't have a military parade. After 8 years of Obama our equipment is in very sad shape. I'm terrified our enemies will see our equipment break down on National Television. I'm not going to mention how bad it got but if we had tried to go to war with China and Russia in the last year of Obama's administration like he was pushing for we probably would have had to hitch hike to Asia.

John Parra says:

I do not think that is what he meant. There is no wining with these people. A Career Military man who loves his country, and a Career Business man who loves his country looks at why another country parades their military might in the streets, and views wanting to do the same in our streets differently. The only way to answer any of their questions is to either be vague, or give an hour long answer. If MSM ethically was representing all Americans. Then being non-biased while working would benefit all Americans. The MSM should want to educate everyone on the truth, but someone allowed monopolies to occur. Now We have Corporations telling people how to think using "Market Research," "Word Tatics," and "False Flag" operations to use the U.S.'s military might to do the bidding of some global elites. If I could trust anyone, to do anything. I would say. It would be nice to have an electronic device that all Americans could carry around, and get a notification to vote on everything. From school board meetings, city ordinances, and planning, State Laws, Federal Laws, government offices, and agencies serving the American population. It would be securely connected to information services, and privacy level agreements, or wavered for participating in the government. Every Public Official like a Senators, or Congressman would have to poll everyone of their constituents to vote on every bill that they put before legislation.

william carrillo says:

Will nice Wacht military parade! Why not.

artie petroni says:

She is just a typical swamp whore

Ion John says:

Lets see Antifa harassing the Parade…

Christine Sandoval says:

Msm such dam fools,what makes them think they could question our General about spending for our troops,but yet they have no remarks to those traitorous dems about fuc*#in dreamer those dam traitors rather give to the illegals really then send their asses out to fight for your freedoms

Joe Couchmam says:


Mike Chapman says:

I really have no idea how its possible that trump hating lleftys are permitted in the press room. Especially that asshole jim acosta


I rather see a military parade than a p***y parade

Libertarian Army Veteran says:

Leftists in America hate the military and always have since Vietnam. They would love to see a country with no military, no borders and a giant state of dependency. Another wards, their own Democracy. N-nothing B-but C-communists. MAGA!!

Sky1 says:

The lefty's don't want to televise the millions of people who support our president. It ruins their narrative of everyone hates Trump.

TruthDecay says:

Wait a second, men, women and mixed ethnicity soldiers celebrating as equals together under one flag?? Nahhh the left can’t have this gross display of unity

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