Milo Yiannopoulos MOPS THE FLOOR With Justin Trudeau

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Watch as milo Yiannopoulos reacts to Justin Trudeau’s “peoplekind” Remark.



May Day 183 says:

how many 'ahs' can he fit into 5 minutes. Ah StFU!!!

fantasticsisters1 says:

please peoplekind is NOT THE most canadian thing ever….it's not. he's the worst and he hate him

Rory Hawk says:

MY Gawwwwd bring on the zombie apocalypse!!!!!!!

Danielle Griffin says:

God the Mother Blasphemy !!

Stijn van de Ven says:

Trudeau is sickening. The woman thnx him for appointing much more women to his seats of cabinet then were actually voted on, for reasons of 'maternal love' that would be good for the economy?…. I didn't know that 'maternal love' was a prerequisite to such functions. I do know that merits of competence on how the economy actually functions should be a prerequisite, regardless of the person being a male or female. Trudeau's decision to up taxes on 'the evil rich' middle and small companies is gonna destroy Canada. Either they are big enough to move and go off shore, or they have to cut jobs/face bankruptcy as their business plans aren't made for such high taxes. This is 70% of the employment of Canada we are talking about; you're literally destroying your economy with this. But it's okay because it's done with 'maternal love'. Much funnier is the fact they are spoken by a student; a person that literally hasn't yet experienced 1 day of work in the actual world, is still hold up by their parents and student loans. These are the least competent persons to consult on the economy as they have no experience whatsoever. That they are hold up by their parents and student loans, allows them to utter such crap as she does and why she will go straight to social security when she graduates. No employer is going to hire such a nutcase.

BuddyAckerman1 says:

Surely later, we can (Legally) as a state, and as the will of the , then people, round up traitors like Trudeau, and hang them.

letonqua jackson says:

The way he's covering his eye in the photo proves he's in the Illuminati destroying Canada just like he was told to.

letonqua jackson says:

Canadians are all pot headed drunken girly men.

letonqua jackson says:

Gosh Canadian women are stupid cunts that just like to hear themselves talk. These bitches belong in burquas chained in the basement and beaten daily.

Daniel Ferguson says:

peoplekind isnt even a word. What loser virtue signaling. Gross

Daniel Ferguson says:

Trudeau is such a millenial idiot. We Canadians are so embarassed by him. dont worry hes gone soon.

kitsurogu says:

Its humankind and mankind is just a short way of saying humankind you dipshit.

kitsurogu says:

"Maternal love scientifically known as mitochondria" WTF! This girl is talking out of her ass just making shit up. Mitochondria is in most cells and helps with respiration and energy production. Now the hormone oxcitocin can be connected to her "maternal love" because it deals with empathy, sexual reproduction and orgasm as well as generosity. Society ran by women can be just as easily vindictive and spiteful. She acts like women are better than men and we are all fallible as humans.

Dennis Schell says:

Justina TURDeau…POS human debris.

Funny Friend Franca says:

He wore Ramadan socks to a gay pride????? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BIZARRE!

ColdDead Hands says:

That's one way to fail at anything and that's to put people in positions their not qualified for!! That's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard!! Ok, you get the job because you're a chick even though you have a degree in gender studies, I'm going to make you head of finance!! And the guy with a doctorate in finance, sorry no job for you!!DUH! JT you're the biggest piece of shit to ever hold the PM chair! JT is a mindless fucking liberal moron that has no business in politics he's barely qualified to sell women's briefs!

Al Dingman says:

Milo for Prime Minister!!!!!


Alice Lowell says:

(A) Listen Trudeau for 5 minutes when he is talking to his nation.
(B) Then listen Putin for 5 minutes when he is talking to his nation.
(A) You become dumber and dumber every time, and hopelessly depressed: life might not worth living.
(B) You start to believe that human civilization still have a hope, still have a future: there's beauty and reason in life after all.

Alice Lowell says:

Thank you Trudeau! now we Canadian women no longer have to "menstruate", we all going to "peoplestruate"!
One day the history books will record the "Justin Trudeau" name as the "global idiot". LOL
Trudeau became sooooo faminist, that for now he probably grew a vagina. Listen him for 2 minutes, you will realize immediately that Trudeau is missing his "cliterus": if the teleprompter gets broke (not that he can read anyway) and he has to make a statement on his own, only moronic statements come out of his mouth.

colleen fogarty says:

stupid trudeau

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