You’re not going to believe what the woman who accused Trump is doing now

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V Saxena for the Conservative Tribune reports, A woman who previously accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct is now running for political office in Ohio — leaving some some wondering whether that had been her original intention all along.

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Jah. b!d news

Nelson Beadel says:

woman are taking over the world. this is all about population control

American Girl says:

Anybody who uses slander as a platform for running for a public office doesn't need to be in public office. They need to see a psychiatrist and work on their character disorder.

Soundman55 says:

That's what we need, more sluts in office.

TheDaftySage says:

Yeah, attack assault victims. Real classy.

Juan José Milligan says:

Democrats are all crooks!

robert johnson says:

Said not bad working I bet she's not bad in bed either I mean me and a bunch of guys here we like to get ahold of her and bang the hell out of her ass she looks like she be a good little w***yeah she make a great little w*** and I bet you she's one big horror keep in screwing around everybody you can see it My donkey would even have fun with her

Angry Patriot says:

She looks like shes from gurdians of the galazy

Noneshere says:

Stupid Infamous cunts + their law pandering. Wait till the real records get dumped on them in the end. Nobody wants them on their property, its a total unnecessary gamble having females around the work place or home under US biased laws.

Steve Thetford says:

Another Nazi scumbag!

Al B says:

Her last name says a lot. She is a crook

dualsport rider says:

Why the f would Trump want to kiss her? I think he's into a couple levels up in women then her.

B g says:

and they say whats in a name, Crooks

Linda Walker says:

Hum let me get this straight…Trumps married to a model and he wanted to kiss you. Are you serious? Never happened. Bitch please, by Felicia, That was a political move.

droid264 says:

Her last name should say it all…yeah ?

Ralph Esposito says:

People are accused and the accusers expect that just because they had the " courage" to come forward, the accused is certainly guilty…..really? Who is pushing this kind of injustice? This is very dangerous for all Amercans because even if innocent the accuser gets away with murder and your rep is forever ruined.

MrJoey1570 says:

Your alone in an elevator, a young women gets on you get off

sumbamotor says:

She wants to join the crooks…to become more crooked

Eric Dell says:

Used her vagina to get into politics. Typical.

Hi There says:

I can't say for sure is Mrs. Crooks is a crook. But its obvious she is a liar.

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