President Donald Trump delivers remarks on Parkland, Fla. school shooting | ABC News

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The president addresses the nation after the shooting that killed 17 and injured 15 at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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DS Rai says:

Not blaming Trump. This is a much deeper and long standing issue that a system that allows politicians to be bought by the highest bidder and causes them to vote against their own morals and common sense. Until money is taken out of politics nothing will change in your otherwise great country.

DS Rai says:

A teen with mental health issues with access to high calibre weapons. Yet he was unable to buy beer or vote.

DS Rai says:

He is trying to show empathy and concern for those affected, but totally ignoring the underlying issue. Its so obvious, but you don’t upset your paymasters.

bek want says:

You can ease the pain by stricter gun control idiot! I pity the nation having this buffoon as their leader.

Juana Alvarez says:

Donald trump is a bich

cmealy2011 says:

At least he can read better from the teleprompter. Other than that just more empty words and bs rhetoric.

SOS says:

Impeach this disgraceful scumbag POS. Nothing but a con man traitor in a wig.

cyprian mckenzie says:

Not one word about gun control that’s because the N R A gave five million dollars towards his campaign so you don’t bite the hands that feed you

alex weed4life says:

wow Trump is so full of shit.. it was a nice speech that wasn't even written by him. but truth is, there's a mass shooting one every two days in our country.. he's not actually gonna do anything.. except sweet talk now condolences.. the family victims want Justice! they want radical change and much better security when it comes to the safety of our children in schools.. Truth Is, Trump took 30 million from the n.r.a for his campaign and gets yearly donations from them.. it's blood money,come out to 6,000 a dead kid this year from school Mass shootings and HE STILL DOES NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE U BURN IN HELL TRUMP! ILL SAVE YOU A SEAT IN THE FIRE!

Billy McAuliffe says:

This man is a moron needs to read from a screen not from his own heart or thought he's just can't total puppet and fool

Be Calmed says:

Blah blah blah

Lucy Dragneel says:

You know with gun control… We can't do anything about it. I mean even if a law comes out talking about getting rid of guns, it won't work. Think about what happened in, I believe, the 20's when they outlawed alcohol. People still found a way to get it. And what about the 2nd Amendment? It is the right to bear arms.
What happened was a tragedy, and we need to come together when something like this happens. Yes guns can hurt people, but they can save lives too. I have learned to PROPERLY use a gun, and I know that I am safe if someone tries something.

Hellkite1999 says:

But it is mental illiness. Say that to the families of the victims at Las Vegas and Sandy Hook and Orlando and Aurora and Sutherland Springs and San Bernardino and Virginia Tech.

D.H. says:

sorry if believed YOU Mr PResident TRUMP would actually put an end to these FAKE shootings!!!!!!! i will admit you fooled me- stop playing along with these fake shootings to disarm us of our rts to own guns!!!!!!! The LORD KNOWS YOU ARE ALL LYING!!!!!!

smartway movers group says:

This Trump shit just pisses me off honestly… He don't give a fuck. FUCK YOU TRUMP!!! WTF FUCK YOUUU

alee alee says:

You literally suck at reading my dude smh

Shark Boi says:

Obama cried during his sandy hook announcement. This big orange bitch is emotionless. I’d bet my life that there’s gonna be at least 10 more mass shootings/ terrorist attacks this year. and watch as not one thing is done to stop them.

Nobles Vlogs says:

So nothing's gonna change,
what's really happening with this world why the guns are allowed why???

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