Parkland students vs. the NRA’s big money machine

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Can the student survivors in Parkland, Fla. take down the NRA and its big-money machine? The CBC’s Wendy Mesley speaks to Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Leonor Muñoz about Trump’s plan to arm her teachers, what it’s like to be accused of being a crisis actor, and how she feels about going back to school.
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Jammy tupten says:

guns are the problem. get rid of from the source, only solution from mass killing.


Even people without weapons are now joining the NRA . Guns and bullets are flying off the shelves, everyone who can legally own is buying more…. bump stocks / slide fire ARE ALMOST GONE as people are now buying as many as they can get their hands on … NRA now doing better than ever … as to Bump Stocks, they are legal and still do not make a rifle shoot automatic. If want to fire automatic, join the military .. I used an M-1 and M- 16. never in my training did we fire full automatic in the Army. We did fire on full automatic using machine guns .. so, even in the military , only likely thing you will use in your training to fire full automatic is a machine gun .. Reg. the laws on bump stocks : In 2010, the ATF determined that the devices don't violate a longstanding federal ban on automatic weapons, given the specifics of how they actually work. Only a handful of states have laws on the books dealing with bump-fire stocks or similar devices meant to speed up a semi-automatic rifle's rate of fire. The state laws that do regulate them have largely been untested in court.

Thomas Smith says:

Wasn't anti gun…gets shot at now all the sudden anti gun activist.

T Fig says:

Teachers willing to carry a gun are likely to already have a gun so these numbers mean nothing. Keep the B.S. flowing.

T Fig says:

Assault is an action. A weapon doesn't perform an action on it's own. It's there and can either just hang there on a wall or sit in a gun safe doing absolutely nothing. Liberals created the term "Assault Weapon" to scare people and make sure guns like AR-15s can't be allowed to be purchased by anyone. Granted those types of guns are illegal in certain parts of America, but the only way they do harm is when the person behind the weapon kills people. A weapon doesn't assault people. A weapon is a tool to defend yourself from the government becoming too big and trying to take away your rights, look up tyranny, as well as anybody trying to do harm to you, a friend, family member or someone who is innocent of anything and is going to be attacked and possibly killed by someone. Again, assault weapons don't exist. Machine guns, however, are high powered guns that are able to shoot bullets faster than other guns.

Whiskeysuds Jackwagon says:

NRA’s big money machine, what a fricking joke,  Unions spend 500 times more money every year paying off politicians than the NRA has in total assets!   boycott anti NRA companies!  Keep it up libs,  keep poking the bear.

the truth says:

These dumb kids were eating TIDE PODS last week. Now they are smarter than the Founding Fathers! RIIIIGHHHHHT.

Ron Chapman says:

Its funny because americans cannot function without guns..

Patrick Song says:

You cant start a video with that you gotta warn people

whutzat says:



I dont know where you are getting your facts… 1 billion dollars for 718,000 guns and proper training??? A Taurus PT111 milineum pro g2, a good Quality gun is priced new at $186.00
$186 times 718,000 is $133,548,000. You telling me you are going to spend $866,452,000 on training? NO! A average gun training class, according to google is 200 a person equaling 143,600,000, add both gun and training up for 718,000 people,
Equals 277,148,000 that is a far cry from a billion!!!!

Blue Eyed Devil says:

These Parkland kids aren't being funded by Big Gun Grabbing money? They paid their bus fare, for their food? Who is funding these leftist anti-gun traitors?

Willie Boy Williamson says:

America is drowning in guns and our children are some of the first to go under.

BigSmartArmed says:

if these ignorant spoiled kids will yell louder they jut might get free condoms tossed at them by liberals that just care so much about their future LOL!

William Arnold says:

1 Lol u think that the teachers that are willing to carry while at work don't have gun that they carry when their not at work

liquidlight86 says:

Fear mongering nra members lol

Elvia Yribe says:

Let your voices be heard don't let no in Silence of Never Again

Jason Belle says:

The way Wendy's eyebrows raise after Trump's quotes lol

olzt100 says:

Why isn't India, Canada or Germany having this same discussion about mass shootings? Oh, it must be gun control.

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