🔴 WATCH President Donald Trump MAJOR Speech at CPAC 2018 – 2/22/18

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Friday, February 23, 2018: Watch live as President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, MD.

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Autumn maine says:

Thank you Mr. President Trump. President Trump, we love you and our first lady Melania Trump. You're doing a marvelous job. We believe in you. You'll make America not only great, make excellent. May God bless America, President Trump, our first lady Melania Trump, and family.

Q says:

The first page of results for the search "Trump Speech CPAC 2018" was nothing but Left wing channels, such as CNN, TIME, The Guardian, Huffpost, etc. Many of the titles were "Odd parts of Trump CPAC speech, or some other derogatory title. I finally found this channel. Will not give the Left my views. PERIOD

Hyeon Yu says:

i watched 3 times! The greatest man alive of the 2nd millennium!

Thomas J Hughes says:

do we have enough jail cells/????????????????????/

Thomas J Hughes says:

run demos run

Thomas J Hughes says:

Denofarts are packing up and leaving the country so they don't get hung but Trump will track them down and arrest them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary West says:


Back Porch says:

Pathetic old man

TheJedikai says:

Absolutely amazing

Harry Schaubel says:

And I bet they will spend an entire News Cast (?) talking about his vanity about his hair, and ignore the rest of the speech.

marie55 says:

LMAO!! This is our awesome, tough, brilliant, President Trump!! "We love you!!! Thank you for loving America!!!"

Donna Zirbel says:

I love my President! ✅Voter ID laws are needed ASAP.

Truth IsFreedom says:

The only problem with concealed carrying civilians is that when the police finally arrive, they won't know the good guys from the bad, since they're not distinguished by a uniform. An innocent person could be shot. I hope President Trump considers that.

Truth IsFreedom says:

Democrats are quietly winning elections around the country this year. So, POTUS is right; don't get complacent!


you have been brainwashed by CNN if you think this man does not care about his country… and i am Canadian!

Bong Avila says:

We love President Trump.

Tho Tran says:

I Lite his tolking .

James Sero says:

Why are we still funding the baby killers? Why do we still have Obamacare? Why isn't the wall up yet? Why is the President talking about banning a firearm accessory (something the NRA supports which caused many NRA members to dump the NRA and join Gun Owners of America)? Why did the President (rightly) blame the Socialists for the recent government shutdown yet he caved and signed a yuuuge fat pork bill a few weeks later? Why is it my paycheck net has gone up due to the tax cuts yet government spending is also going up causing the deficit to go up? Why hasn't that good-for-nothing Elmer Fudd Sessions been fired? Why isn't Pam Bondi our new Attorney General? Why haven't mayors and city managers of sanctuary cities been arrested and thrown in jail? Why haven't all federal funds been cut off to sanctuary cities (and state)? Why is this fella Mueller charging the US tax payer ten times his normal hourly rate to investigate the wrong people? Why does conservative media follow the Fake News narrative concerning everything yet is incapable of reporting the really good news and maintaining that as their narrative? Why are left wing thugs who assault law abiding people for their political and religious beliefs not in the penitentiary? Why isn't George Soros under federal investigation? Why hasn't every senior member of the FBI been fired and replaced with competent, America loving law enforcement officials? The sewer is swallowing him alive!

EF2000CanFly says:

Canada loves Trump

Jamie R says:

Wanted to comment about the thing you said in post show – about the notifications not showing up, i want to make sure everyone knows to check if its selected "All" not "Occasional" and if All is selected and you're still not getting them, then make some noise. They made the default "occasional" so they can block a bunch and say, 'oh that's your preferences'

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