🔴 WATCH: White House Press Briefing with Sarah Sanders – 2/26/18

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Monday, February 26th, 2018: Watch live as Principle Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a press briefing live from the White House inside the James S. Brady Press Briefing room. Watch the live stream and replay of the event here.

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Bonnie Mankins says:

False flag bs they want war so sick of this bs

Carnell Davis says:

Sarah Sanders is good at what she does, but I wonder why she allows the same journalist from CNN, MNBC, ABC, NBC New York Ties, and Washington Post ask questions everday ? Not so smart.

Derik Howard says:

Sorry the most concerning thing to me in this briefing is how much coughing is going on. Like can there be some purell or Lysol? Have any of them got the flue shot?

Kathleen LoVerso says:

We know none of the press would have went into that school… they need to stop !

Joe Carr says:

Love Trump but there are 2 things i disagree with him on. Firstly the thinking on being 21 yrs old before owning a semi-auto weapon. Many Kids living at home are introduced to these weapons at early ages and use these safely for hunting, target shooting, ROTC etc etc. People are trusted to go fight for their country at 18 so an age limit makes no sense, it is a blanket punishment which encroaches on all those doing the right thing and should never be legislated, I'd even say it infringes on the the 2nd Amendment.

Secondly when it comes to Syria. President Assad Has never gassed his own people, Ron Paul Agrees that it is nonsense, President Assad is a mild Muslim who Protects Coptic Christians, fights ISIS and asks women not to wear the head scarf. I suggest people investigate for themselves 2 subjects, firstly the Project for a Greater Israel and Secondly The Gas Pipeline into Europe which they want to run through Syria. Assad has Every right to deny this pipeline as he has his own pipeline in his country which supplies Europe.

Tony D says:

If I'm not mistaken I do believe POTUS has a NYS CCW and carried daily.

Kirk Larson says:

A firearm fired indoors sounds A LOT different than one fired outdoors…when heard from outside.

clarity seer says:

Why is that John and a choice few always front and centre with questioning ??

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