Awakening! 85% of Americans Unhappy with Congress, Most Think it Serves Lobbyists, Not the People

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The overwhelming majority of Americans, irrespective of party allegiance, holds a dismal opinion of Congress, a fresh poll shows. It found 89 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans disapprove of the legislature’s work.
The new poll, published by the Associated Press-NORC Center on Monday, revealed that a total of 85 percent of Americans believe the Congress’s job is below par. The attitude to the Republican-controlled legislature does not change much across party lines. The number of Democrats that held an unfavorable view of Congress, 89 percent, is only seven percentage points higher than that of Republicans, at 82 percent.

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Bess Brown says:

America is waking up. The STORM is coming soon.

Darryl Landry says:

Please tell me where to find this satisfied 15%. Who are they? Donors?

jessie flood says:

time to wake up people,hell yeah

Joy Gallaher says:

Well my Senators are Lamar Alexander and Little Bob Corker, and I cannot tell you how happy we are that Bobby is leaving. He helped with the Iran deal you know. How much of that cash do you suppose he stuck in his pockets? He is just as embarrassing to Tennesseans as Al Gore. Alexander is next to go in 2020. He was almost beat in 2016 by a newcomer tea party candidate. We are going to work really hard to get good people. Already have Marsha Blackburn. She is the real deal. Supports our POTUS. Alexander has been gov two terms and US Secretary of education. Have you EVER see him accomplish anything in the Senate? I have not either. Get a grip people. Your people are just as bad as the rest. I have no faith in any of them. Not even Trey Gowdy anymore.

ConcernedCitizen says:

Republicans have been selling out for many years the sad part is the Dem's are almost as bad now I guess they saw the $ the other side was collecting and got jealous

Rodney Johnson says:

As the population wakes up they will realize most of these congress and senate and supreme and district court traitors among with their FBI and CIA , DOJ conspirators and their CFR masters have been doing this for a long time . Beyond a shadow of a doubt in both party's one is no better than the other. But sadly the average American will eventually find this out they will still secretly in their deeply brainwashed minds think that the party they have always supported is going to be the answer to their problems. WAKE UP America!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Fisher says:

I don’t think this indicates an Awakening. Vast majority of people are brainwashed yet ironically believe they are free thinkers. For all the Trump supporters: Why has not one single big govt criminal been arrested yet despite Trump’s over 1yr in office and overwhelming evidence of treason and other crimes? Hmm? Crickets?

Derek Peterson says:

Red Alert, red alert. Check out HF 3022 in Minnesota. OMG.

MrCarricrl says:

hell i say 90%

SGTDieingEagle says:

hell we have known this for years. congress is corrupt.

SGTDieingEagle says:

it has been said that Hitler was fighting against the Rothchilds and globalists banks trying to prevent the NWO from taking control of Germany and other poor nations. go figure.

Master D says:

Term limits

Charles Darwin says:


Rami G says:

If this is true , then Americans are on their way to be saved

UAV Army says:

Talk about brainwashed. You still believe your vote is what puts people in office. They not only have you controlled but blissfully in your cognitive dissonance

Sassy Pants says:

Congress serves the NWO – but the truth has to begin to unravel somewhere.

Michael Groat says:

Jesse, The good ones will be defended by voices like yours, but we need to clean house. All lobbying must end and the paid off traitors removed. I don't care if we must elect cab drivers and Blondie waitresses to eliminate the elitists from our land. That's how we started and we may be better off without our highly educated criminal controllers.

Bernadine Haywood says:

Exactly and themselves.

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