INFOWARS HACKED: Taken Down After CNN Calls For Alex Jones To Be Silenced

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Alex Jones issues a RED ALERT and sounds the alarms to patriots across the United States and the world that is under hack-attack by democrat organizations that wish to silence us.

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PETER-isn't- HERE says:

it is happening without a doubt,twitter,facebook and you tube,many free speech channels etc accounts been attacked,directed by billionaire globalist agenda,to silence those who challenge their liberal far left bubble,its very simple,they need to be in power politically,they need to control the cash,they need to make up the laws to prevent free thinking,look at merkel how she is losing her grip on power,regulating German media etc,in a bid to silence oppositions opinions and views ,and regain the upper hand

miguel silvagnoli says:

OK, Alex, you need to set up a New News Front! Move your set up to a New YouTube site, bring up new reporters, set up combined site reports , and on the spot news from your combined sources, not much difference from what you do, and step back a little bit!

Louis Le Roux says:

Keep fighting, The Lord Jesus will turn this around in your favour

bigcatfishin says:

IT'S THEM TUBE NOW NOT YOUTUBE- They are trying to control what we watch and who we send messages and comments to. When they started this click the bell crap all my 17 thousand subscribers were deleted. They were no longer notified of my new videos. Then the changed the messaging system so we couldn't send warnings or blow the whistle on them.

Christian League says:

aj this is going to come down hard – this false flag is going to bury them – and its going to bury you too if you don't name the j – the sheriff, the district, i mean come on, dude – i mean clearly you have a business to run, but don't wait too long. people look to you, do what is right and stop covering for israel

usakindatheart flower says:

Make sure everyone gets a free gab account so we still can connect to our favorite YouTube accounts, in case you tube does wipe individual sites on here.

Lance Elliott says:

Corrupted Nihilist Nazis version of Kristallnacht. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave O says:

Do more with your own site.. its saved to my favorites bar. set it up so we can have info warrior pages, public square, and private chat and e-mail… we're already with you. I'd pay for a page.

Texas Proud says:

Why hasn't someone who truly believes in FREE SPEECH started a site like Youtube and FB? I know that someone has the money to hire the right people to put it together. It is ridiculous that they allow liberals to threaten the life of our president and all Republicans, but when someone tells the truth about the Demonrats they take it down.

ItisI Here says:

Good luck getting our 300m plus guns.

elmer phudd says:

constitutionally speaking the federal government has no say in gun laws, education issues or welfare issues. these are the purview of the several states. we need a convention of states to correct the gross abuses against our constitution.

cobainzlady says:

oh and you wanted NO net neutrality? that revocation is going to work against you!

Terrance Toll says:

ARRL might support you .

Terrance Toll says:

Why don't you start promoting HAM? it might be coming .

AntiCommunist says:

What they did to Alex and Infowars was wrong…

What they did to Andrew Anglin and THE DAILY STORMER was VILE and CRIMINAL.

Ping Pong says:

I got suspended on Reddit for saying Hoggs has a punchable face – I don't advocate violence, but its a kind of figure of speech. Oh well – what can you do?

Deborah Simmons says:

We clearly have two governments here, literally. A government for the constitution and a government that’s completely against. The evil ones continuously redefine our lives to their desires no matter what we want or what we desire. They really do think we are sheep and they just keep building that road leading to our slaughter. We need to stop walking on it, now.

Wren Murphy says:

So when & where does the stand actually take place all this pissing & moaning is not really standing up . I want to bust heads & kick ass !

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