Milo Yiannopoulos: Trump To Uncover Decades Of Democrat Voter Fraud

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Drea East Coast says:

Milo takes over InfoWars- LOVE it when he gets together with them and does something.

Phone One says:

People better watch this stuff and look into fractional votes .If you dont we might loose next election by fraud .This is scarey start looking at massive election fraud YouTube will dump it soon .You better get real familiar with whats going on .

Chava kap says:

Hey Milo…..loving to see you!!!!

Roger Gibbs says:

I'm an old fart and I love this guy.

earl hyson says:

ALL demo voters are dead people, but some…only from the neck up.

Bobby Mccary says:

That crisis actor don't know what he's saying he is confused as to what he is saying i think he is brainwashed no doubt.

politico incorrecto says:

As to the voter fraud…if every vote was to have been an honorable one, with no fraud, at one vote per US citizen, Hillary would have lost by millions. She would have only gotten about 25% of the entire number of votes placed. Leaving Trump to walk away with 75%. That number is supported by their rally numbers. Rally numbers are a valid and reliable means of determining the final percentage ratio. Trump packed out every venue he went to, many times 25-30 thousand strong. Hillary couldnt fill a high school gymnasium. She had to rely on camera trickery to make it appear as if there were more people present at her rallies. And she knows all this. She knows the votes she got were invalid and dishonorable, but she would boast over and over again about how she won the popular vote by 2-3 million. She actually lost by far more than that. Jeez! I hate that bitch.

john langstaff says:

For God’s sake Milo what the hell are you doing on this channel for morons ? You are worth a lot more than the loudmouth Buffoon Alex Jones

Michael Hammond says:

I think the Dems were relaxed about voter fraud in 2016 thinking that Hillary was a shoo in but they wont be in 2018 and 2020 We should have a campaign to" get out the dead vote"

Belinda Elisa says:

Instead of walking out into a protest, walk-in to your local library. There's lots of great non-fiction history books that will answer your questions on why things are the way they are.

Kelly Prosnier says:

The kids from SH show up years after the 'sh**ting' to sing at the 2013 Superb Owl.

Talk about in your face.

Kelly Prosnier says:

Milo is a megaton b&mb

HazzardousDuke says:

he felt a bit more "pepe"!

2brunhilda says:

Damn right, Michael Moore is a useful idiot!

2brunhilda says:

I love you Milo!


Once upon a time, it was common for an American child to be packed off to school with a rifle on his back and for him to come home smiling and safe in the evening.

Shooting clubs, now quietly withered away, were once such a mainstay of American high-school life that in the first half of the 20th century they were regularly installed in the basements of new educational buildings. Now they are victims of political correctness, a willful misunderstanding of what constitutes “gun safety,” and our deplorable tendency toward litigiousness.


Up until and through the 1960's many high school children while on school buses to and from school were armed. Everyone knew and nobody thought much about it. Shooting classes were an option for PE credit at some public schools. There were gun clubs as well akin to a chess club today. Imagine if they still offered those classes and clubs today.
In 1975, New York state had over 80 K-12 school districts with rifle teams.

Gabriel Brunsdon says:

MILO: To know him is to love him. 🙂

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