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cowboy6591 says:

Here we go, and eventually 10 year olds will get married.

isette says:

Pity they did not say that to Killery and mob  there the ones who paid for play idiots !

ThisIsWhatHypocrisyLooksLike says:

Dems desperate to reclaim Florida – so pushing for new eligibility to vote. Eg. Puerto Ricans, illegal immigrants, felons, 16 yr olds,…..

david cantrell says:

I think it’s time for a new party system or no parties period!! How about we just run the country the way the constitution actually says to run it and go back to the true bill of rights that we all have deport all the people who don’t want to conform to the American way and pull out of every country where we are acting like the worlds police and become the country that we used to be strong and powerful

Tom Andrejko says:

Remember an Armed nation is a free nation.

Tom Andrejko says:

Terrorist deserve one thing, a bullet to the head !

Self Thinker says:

Bureaucrats and Corporate butt lickers in Washington and the Rail Road took the lands and all possessed by the Native American. They slaughtered million in their path. As women and children fled for their lives they fell like lambs to the slaughter. The most powerful emotion possessed by man is 'want' and men will stop at nothing obtain What He Wants even in some cases if it means murder his own.

Today, we witness that when government wants peoples lands they offer buy it. Refuse sell they seize those lands means of eminent domain. Attempt challenge it by legal means or otherwise you end up in prison, every thing you own gone.
Today we hear of globalists desire obtain our lands, seize control of the waters. Electric Railways planned across the nation, solar panels and windmills and much more requiring lands. Men's properties have been seized for no other reason than provide refuge for such things as endangered species while attempting deny evolution. There exists a family in South Louisiana, for example, was seized with claims existed a frog supposedly endangered and despite fact biologists had determined that land could not possibly sustain such a frog that families lands have long since never been returned.
Many such cases exist, remember recently BLM went in driving ranchers from their lands and shortly afterwards slaughtered their livestock to boot before burying them in mass graves. Right To Property, it's violated daily. Anyone assumes same done to the Native American wouldn't be done to you obtain that which is wanted think twice! If wanted, they will take your lands, your personal belongings, throw you on reservations aka camps and prisons, gone forever your liberty and nations sovereignty. Your Guns? Thus purpose of the 2nd Amendment to Uphold and Defend. Never under any circumstances forfeit your arms. These are the tools insuring your Liberty and the Sovereignty of the Nation in which you live. God Bless America. SEMPER FI.

Cindy Atkinson says:

The terrests stabed our guy 3 times in the neck and head. He saved the one man that got shot by holding his finger in the hole till help arrived. How do we feel bad for the terrests

Cindy Atkinson says:

I saw the movie the terrests had an automatic gun 300 rounds and knives. He came to kill hundreds only shot one because of our hero's. It is a must see just to do It in the liberals face

George Schroeder says:

buckle up people… IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.

gloryboundkev says:

Muslims are brainwashed just like communists and Americans. its just a more intense violent brainwashing.

Joan De Freitas says:

the second amendment is non negotiable…..

Joan De Freitas says:

the author must be arrested and charged with inciting terrorist attacks….time to shut down these traitors..

A Redhead Rants says:

Just when you thought the left couldn't get more retarded…

Jen L says:

At 16 I knew that I was neither a democrat or a republican. I knew that both sides (the farthest factions of them, not the members in general) are full of SH*T. Unfortunately most teenagers will believe whatever twitter tells them to and the voices are LOUD. Add to that immature and still forming brains…..welcome to hell, everyone.

Christopher Pearson says:

CNN (and affiliated MSM) narratives are a fit dialogue for two year olds in an MK Ultra nursery school. Now we see a mutated narrative tangential to the discredited "Russian Collusion" rant morphing into "Dereliction of Duty" attack on the POTUS spinning these spurious facts into a new web of sedition. "Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontention (or resistance) to lawful authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws." (Wiki) The MK Ultra "Puppet Masters" are once again hard at work to accomplish their nefarious agenda orchestrating one public distraction after another to monopolize the mass media chaos effect to their seditious advantage.

Joan De Freitas says:

lock and load folks…..schiff is going to hit the fan..

Joan De Freitas says:

France has turned into a third world shit hole of a country…..Time for macron to step down….he is a very incompetent leader……who the hell voted for this globalist pos…

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