The Five 2/26/18 – Fox News Today – February 26, 2018

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Enuf Al Ready says:

Did Mayor Schaff swear to break the law at every turn? Send MS – 13 down her street. Have her get a busy signal when she calls ice.

Bombardier64 says:

WITBLKPOS on the five

Tica Mcgarity says:

I really like Juan Williams.

Joann Shumate says:

Everybody is feeling depressed because of the instability of the White House. You wake up thinking what idiotic thing the President said or done.

L Kell says:

Thanks for sharing the entire segment it's really appreciated, you're the only one to do this!

jim says:

Black or white, an asshole is an asshole, and Juan just happens to be as big an asshole as Obama and Waters and Lynch and Rice – and wait but I see a pattern developing. BLM my ass

Jpk Van EECHOUD says:

Why is Juan this stupid?

Swell Sounds Underground says:

they have people that edit comments to ruin peoples reputations and imprison them in many nations

James Richardson says:

Juan really is a horrible person! Ha ha ha

Fanie Ferreira says:

Damn. You are getting worse than CNN. First time I have seen Gutfeld rattled. The problem started with the children that you seem to think is so kindheartedly. Look at what they did on Friday night; look at Hogg – interested in himself and lastly they have to acknowledge that they are also guilty ans responsible for the problems encountered by the sh1thead shooter. Who tried to befriend him, invite him to a house, talk to him, etc. etc. Each of us should have a guilty conscious when it comes to death. Lets look at ourselves, then solve the problems – with reason, and within reason.

steve roberts says:

Juanbo has to go, he is so damn out of touch , you could slap him with a bat, and he swear it was a wet rag , get rid of him

steve roberts says:

i laugh every time i read the comments on this you tube videos, so many people criticize the show, yet they watch it, did they lose their remotes?

Christophe Blanchi says:

Fox News stresses the American people with their constant lying for their Dear Leader and their "conservatives are under assault theme" as the Trump/State Propaganda Channel.

Wild1 P says:

Fuck that bitch from California! I'm Australian and basically we're a smaller version of America "except no where near as many gun rights lol" EVERYBODY wants to come here and they do and take our jobs. Fuck illegal aliens deport her!!!

expertinmovies says:

Super Nigger Uber Coon Juan "Gorilla Boy" Williams once again ruins another show with his Radical Nigger Lies and Bullshit. When The Fuck is Fox going to Can this Coon? PBS was right when they canned his crazy Nigger ass..In the words of PBS, "Juan 'Gorilla Boy' Williams is a fucking lunatic!"

Doug Burch says:

ICE should drop hints to Oakland that they are going to do raids every three days and let that mayor sound like the boy who cried Wolfe

tony beng says:

you know if Trump did not dodge the draft we may have had a better president today. #THANKGODFORBONESPURS

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