The Truth About Soy Face

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Paul Joseph Watson says:

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Thomas Joyce says:

t, educated, successful black people.


ShyaamsDimensions says:

Btw happy snowy march

KICK in the EYE says:

Bryan Adams defines soy boy in the eighties. I'm from Vancouver, I know. In all due respects, Paul Joseph Watson, but that was funny.

nkw1985 says:

Why does the video games industry have so many soy boys? I've noticed that the majority of developers and journalists are men who may as well have vaginas and wear dresses.

Modern Vegan says:

Those soy boys looked more manly unlike your basic bitch face that makes duck face every end of a sentence you make.

Buster 928 says:

That's some funny shit…

fountainhead says:

3:01 Fuck, I love mac and cheese.

Anikoxx says:

The only thing I have found that I DISAGREE with Paul is this whole soy boy thing.

Veteran NewFag says:

Ahh damn that shits in mac n cheese?

Stormsquad says:

I listen to Death metal and all kinds of other metal, I wonder what kind of testosterone level I must have XD

Conservative 623 says:

This video is so fucken stupid. I eat a lot of soy products and I still consider myself a manly conservative. What does being health conscious and eating soy have to do with a person's manliness?
I'm a huge fan of your videos Paul, but this video is fucken retarded.

11M views says:

3:07 Good thing I only wear deodorant on special occasions.

Donald Padilla says:

You wearing a wig was the most faggot thing I've ever fucking seen. You fucking soyboy

Mitch says:


Daft RNG says:

The "my wife's boyfriend" reddit post is doctored, look up the original on reddit

Fake news

Mercmad says:

I have heard, and have no idea if it is true or not, but Soy products taste like human sperm .That would explain the popularity with bearded glasses wearing males.

Philosopher Prince says:

Thats what it is!!! I been seeing this for such a long time and I couldn't figure it out at first. All the wannabes in L.A. smile like that. They always usually the most fake ass bitches who hate , hate, hate, the ones that actually get sum or have talent and real confidence, but can not smile like that and they see that and x them out out of their Google adword, fb popularity circles. It's the p.c. I'm smart and successful look. It's such a fake smile and the libterd girls did it first back in 2004.. the soy in starbucks!

Queenie McQueen says:

i can't believe there's a product called "soylent" it literally sounds like a incontinence product & they buy it haha!

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