Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/26/18 | Fox News Today | February 26, 2018

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/26/18 | Fox News Today | February 26, 2018


IdiotsAmongUs says:

That lawyer is a disingenuous piece of garbage. "Protect it's residents regardless of immigration status"? He knows full damn well that ICE doesn't go after legal citizens and legal immigrants.

Oscar Meyer says:

21:00 The "bumper sticker" lawyer…judge and jury has ruled. Somebody call ICE and get him deported.

F M Reinhardt says:

This sheriff's gig is up.  He has been revealed.  It's about time.  This sheriff is a typical blame-shifter and scapegoater.   Demagogue – YES.  Shameful

Johnny Jingo says:

Jordan Peterson was very well spoken and understands what is going on.

Johnny Jingo says:

Who the hell was that Mexican lawyer calling himself an American simply because he went to law school here or something equally irrelevant? Such freaking arrogance is well beyond the pale and why most Americans want the wall NOW. Think back to the main drag in LA, Wilshire Blvd., chock full of illegal aliens demanding their "rights" every time something occured where Americans were exercising their own rights by demanding that these foreign interlopers get out of our country.

Johnny Jingo says:

The whole matter makes such little sense that it is suspicious. Did they want this incident to occur so they could push gun control? It sounds like it.

Nunnuv Yorbizniz says:

Is there ANYTHING that can/will be done to get these swamp ghouls out of office?! Any way to disable their influence? God I'm so sick of it all. Especially here in California. I don't understand how the California government is allowed to be so criminal. I hate these fucking devils.

CuriousGeorge says:

Caesar Vargas just outlined something I put in a research paper on the topic: South Americans claim that there isn't a difference between North and South Americans, and if you're from either, you are called "An American." They further believe that, because of their belief, that all Americans are confused about what to call themselves.

Their view outlined, they are stupid! First, America is the name of our country, so, We are called Americans, and THAT'S a legal term! So, the fact that Vargas is a lawyer and doesn't recognize the legal term calls into question his credentials as an attorney.

If you're from Brazil, you are Brazilian. I have known many people from South and Central American countries, and I've never heard ANY of them FIRST refer to themselves as "Americans", despite them being taught this in their schools, proving that those that espouse this perspective, are in fact purposefully misleading those they tell this disinformation.

CuriousGeorge says:

Caesar "I Have My Own Facts" Vargas is an idiot!

His claim that "history shows that states and local government have been the safe haven for building human rights in this country," is patently FALSE!

It was state and local governments that refused to allow Rosa Parks to sit in the front of the bus. It was state and local laws that didn't allow 4 university students to sit in a whites' dinner. It was state and local governments that sicked dogs on Dr. MLK, Jr., and the marchers, to the point that some died from their injuries! It was state and local laws that kept slavery legal.

It was the federal government that sent in armed forces to allow kids into an all white school. It was federal law enforcement that put an end to lynchings in the south. It was federal law enforcement, via President Lincoln, that ended the practice of slavery in the United States. It was the federal government that MLK, and other Civil Rights activists implored to step in to create a leveler playing field.

M J Grasscutter says:

Really too bad that Tucker's show keeps showing us the face of the shooter. Tucker, please stop celebrating him and giving him fame by displaying his name and photo on live TV

Steven Hammer says:

I am convinced that we just need to let California secede from the US. They are absolute kooks.

BrownGirlWhiteBoy says:

It is true the sheriff and other agencies did not do their job properly but it all boils down to if there are no guns then there are no shootings. The USA is a very primitive country.

Wayne Marion says:

The Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, is a moslem dick licker. He hates America, as all the moslem savages do.

John Smith says:

Let the real protests begin. First on the sheriff's office then the FBI not on the NRA.

John Smith says:

Israel should resign. Parents of killed children should file a lawsuit starting at 10 million per fatatlity.

Timmy Odebralski says:

I want to know is how he became a lawer in this country without being an American citizen? And why has he not pursued citizenship? Bullshit

Daniel D says:

Carlson you should be penalized for masquerading as a journalist. Cops failed to act swiftly and aggressively against the killer. You display outrage. You say you are not blaming him then You put ALL blame on Sheriff what's his name. This geezer is a flake but so are you. You defend the NRA here. You are a toady. How can you sleep?

Timmy Odebralski says:

Scott Israel is a coward fire him no payed leave no benefits no way. Just unemployed. Take responsibility for you and your officers don't push blame on people or organizations who had nothing to do with the shooting. Israel is an ass

MaximusSuper says:

What would have made this show special is ICE cuffing the fence jumper lawyer on live TV

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