Tucker Carlson Tonight I Fox News I February 26, 2018

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Tucker Carlson Tonight I Fox News I February 26, 2018


Chris G says:

Violent crime is not down, the reporting of black crime is down…..

carlos gonzalez says:

Men like women, but Hate them for what they become

carlos gonzalez says:

Homosexuals should STAY in their own little bubble like they did before the 90's

carlos gonzalez says:

No Matter what NO AMNESTY EVER for illegal Aliens that will only encourage the NEXT flow of illegal Aliens coming for AMNESTY

carlos gonzalez says:

The Broward County Cowards of Florida

M D says:

Stranger yet, Tapper grills a leftist hack.

Willi Schirwa says:

If this transgender is not accused of doping then doping is legal from now

Black Label says:

IS SHERIFF ISRAEL ON COCAINE? He keeps licking his lips like no one notices!

venuerocker says:

"Song Bird" McCain.

Deltassippi says:

Need to have trans league sports. Problem solved.

george wood says:

and the rest of the losers that did not go in need to be put to death too

george wood says:

why is this sheriff not hanging from a street light

Michael Love says:

you liberals are like the retard Michael stivic from all in the family! meat heads

Stan Watkins says:

Is crime really down or do law enforcement entities skew the numbers to show their " effectiveness " ?

StephenNu9 says:

By the way, that Mexican lawyer who masquerades as an American actually believes that whoever has power, becomes the law. His viewpoints are why Mexico has devolved into chaos.

StephenNu9 says:

Very good comments from Jordan Peterson. Those sentiments need to become daily bread.

J Mulvihill says:

Fake illegal alien lawyer has no clue about preemption regarding immigration law. Buffoon.

phoebe sweet says:

why didn't this level of outrage reach the pulse nightclub incident when cops stood down for hours while a lone gunman murdered so many? Is that another crazy sheriff? Then maybe this group would have had a clue that this behavior isn't acceptable. What am I missing here?

blackboot28 says:

Look at who isreals friends are, he's a politician.

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