YouTube Has Told InfoWars This Maybe Our Last Show: 2/25/18 FULL SHOW

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Sunday, Feb. 25th – Infowars, Free Speech Under Attack – In an unprecedented move, CNN has demanded YouTube remove our content for simply asking questions and reporting what witnesses have said about the Parkland shooting. Democrats are still determined to curtail the Second Amendment rather than arm responsible teachers and tighten FBI background checks. Investigator Doug Hagmann joins today’s show to talk about the newly released Dem rebuttal memo and what it means for the overall FBI investigation. We’ll also discuss what Google’s censorship campaign means for free speech and how you can stop it.
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Lionel Lombard says:

I have a thought that this is all scripted and I think you need to be more proactive rather than reactive. Start thinking ahead and ignore the threats just give us your stories. Thank you! All you do is connect the dots for us. They hate you for making us think.

simwebdk says:

Keep fighting forever INFOWARS

strange tamer says:

Enough with the click bait guys, you have a dedicated audience now.

Website guy says:

Improve your main websight and i think it will sky rocket.

Carlos Summers says:

If Investigator Doug Hagmann doesn't put that blasted pen down, he's going to have to change his name to Investigator Bob Dole. 🙂

adrian kovalski says:

stupid illuminati masons,,,yes you will achieve forcing satans one world order,,,but as soon as you finish building your one world government,,,the lord jesus will return to destroy everything absolutely everything you ever killed and lied to build

Phoenix says:

A wolf in sheeps clothing in the sheriffs department? and no one knows arabic but are hugging as if they were americans? B S.. i cannot trust a muslim as a sheriff.. due to the fact that they have testified that they should blend in before they take them over.. >:{

Carlos Summers says:

thanks AJ. You didn't have a pen in your hand. You no longer look like Bob Dole. 🙂

GrannyGoose says:

If only this were true.

Emanoil Nita says:

Why the media didn't say anything about how many students were hurt and treated in the hospital? They only sad that 17 students were killed . Fake, Fake, Fake.

Tonnie Tilson-Lynch says:

whete would we go for the truth

jubjub567 says:

we need an alternative option to youtube. Only way competition will win.

Anni Límon says:

Go to BitChute

Gryphon Arms USA says:

Almost sounds like we are living in late 1930's Germany. Looking like we the people need to invoke the Declaration of Independence.

chuck fults says:

GLEN BECK, another double speak mormon sellout!

milkey1 says:

CNN = Fake newwwwssss

milkey1 says:

Youtube is owned by corrupt GOOGLE never forget that people.

brett roebuck says:

They have started banning people because they are coming for your guns, this is just the start

Cam says:

People still watch mainstream news??? LOL

Squid For Hire says:

Gotta love when Alex just breaks into selling toothpaste.

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