☠️ Syria: Chemical attack suspected in Eastern Ghouta siege

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Medics in Syria say a child has died and a dozen more are being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack. Witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta. The Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons in the war.

More than 500 people, including women and children, have died in Eastern Ghouta. At least 23 people were killed on Monday, despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut.

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carpe omnious says:

If Assad rule is complete failure how his rule has been supported and cherished that many years by the same people of Syria, I'd say if Assad faces this kind of anti incumbency, then why can't the Saudi and Iranian rulers, the reality is these two regional powers messed with the Syrian people sentiments, and they created this demon ISIS, and it's high time they should take the responsibility of sufferings of common citizens of Syria.

Rahat Shekh says:

Allah rehm frma mushtufa ke vaste

doksp-i- nissar says:

aljazeera source of fake news….a big propoganda machinery..

mareya begum says:

Why they did that? Those all are innocent people .they didn’t do anything. They just live in syria Thats all they did. I have no i ideas what to say about it. I really feel bad for them i wish i could do anything for those innocent people just only thing i can do is pray to the allah. May allah grant them jannah those who are dead and May allah show his marcy and protect those innocent people which people are alive now.

mohit singh baghel says:

Show some Mercy to these little lifes
Why r uh do this ?
Put your guns down….

Darshil Mehta says:

Dissolve the UN Security council

jino joy says:

Dhaivame avare kathoooneee

Shiba Rizvi says:

Khuda bakshe ga nahi masoomo ki jaan le rahe hai maloon kahi k

Karan Singh says:

Please stop killing innocents..May Peace and Humanity Prevail ..

Samdani Mohammad says:

Ya Allah please help them Syria people

408Magenta says:

More bullshit from those helmeted thugs.

Chuck Hashman says:

Syrians need to leave any way they can. Syrian's should emmigrate/ go to where ever there is no conflict…. Assad LOST /Russia also lost. No one will or should rebuild Syria, No one will live under Assad's rule. Russia will NEVER TAME the middle east— Putin is crazy!! Russian terrorists trying to return home might be a huge problem….

Trooper 1139 says:

100 russian bots disliked this video

Pradip Shrestha says:

pray for syria

Paulino Deninowitz says:

literally Russia said before this that rebels were planning to stage a chemical attack and what do you know, “suspected chlorine gas attack” happens a day later.

SneakerUpdate says:

please save them
don"t kill innocent people
kill terrorist

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