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In this week’s UpFront, we ask 28-year veteran of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, John Sipher, about alleged Russian meddling in US elections, possible Trump collusion, and the CIA’s own record of foreign interference.

And in the Arena, we debate the political climate within Russia, as questions about democracy and President Vladimir Putin’s grip on power resurface ahead of March’s presidential election.

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simon dagout says:

your name Mahar jadin??

MS. Mainuddin says:

USA made a mistake

all bueno says:

❤❤ thanks this interview almost make up for regime change propaganda

TPath3 says:

I just imagine how it must feel to really believe all this garbage, it feels really pinky but I can't really get through to it no matter how much I try, it's one of the unexplained wonders, how can one get dumber than a dog ? Btw. I'm all in for a new TV-Show intelligent "Dogs vs. Stars" – Celibrities, TV-Moderators, western Politicians etc.

ForAmerican says:

What we have here in the US is the democracy with corruption. You can buy politician using lobbyist money.

Asel Hilu says:

I was laughing when the ex cia guy said Russia is helping Taliban and Syria lol. Mr ex what do Americans help to?

Carlos M Alvarado says:

This is Russian bashing again and again…..boring!!!!

Kellie Everts says:

well use comey as a witness

Ivan Perov says:

Liars! Liars! Liars!!!

reidki009 says:

the USA needs to be traditionally involved in all internal processes in all regions of the world. "There is no region where Washington does not want to play. The rule of no interference in domestic politics and lives of other states works and should work from their point of view for all, except for one exceptional country – the United States of America,"

Ashley Thomas says:


Ashley Thomas says:

"Only viable opponent"
How do media org's expect anyone to watch them when they make such blatantly false statements within the first minute of their shows.
AJ is just a parody of a news channel. I can't even pretend to take what they say seriously.

Phil Lenan says:

I don't understand his logic, thanks for the host who did a great job at questioning him.

GuyCybershy says:

Stupid Western policies have strengthened Putin's position inside Russia. Russian liberals have been discredited in the eyes of the vast majority of Russians. If they had their way they might prefer someone even tougher.

ghulam rasool says:

mehdi has just literally made him mumble

Dipak Basu says:

A disgusting Pakistani talking about Russia!!!!!

Farero Lobos says:

Kudos to Vladimir Pozner, whom I'd describe as a stern critic of Vladimir Putin in Russian society and on Russian TV, but also as an honorable gentleman and an honest journalist. Shame on Al-Jazeera and all the rest.

portobellotent says:

America wants to lead the world, resistance is not allowed

Brian Maiyo says:

He accused you of using same tactics as russia. Hahaha, everything is russian with these idiots.

Steve Ennever says:

So when the subject is collusion Sipher is willing to wax lyrical without any evidence whatsoever.
But when provided with evidence to the contrary, e.g. Trump providing Ukraine with more arms than Obama ever did, he admits to liking those actions but won't say any more & is now unwilling to speculate further.

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