🇸🇦 Saudi military shake-up amid criticism over Yemen war 🇾🇪 | Al Jazeera English

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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has fired his top military commanders and reshuffled his cabinet, in a shake-up of key security and government ministries. Those dismissed by royal decree overnight on Tuesday include the Saudi army’s chief of staff and the heads of the ground and air defence forces.

No official reason has been given for the overhaul, but it comes as Saudi Arabia faces growing criticism against the military coalition it leads in the Yemen war.

Meanwhile, Russia has vetoed a UN resolution criticising Iran for failing to prevent weapons from reaching Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Al Jazeera’s Imtiaz Tyab reports.

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Ugurano looner says:

Awesome video

Somali Nat Soc says:

Saudi Army Are Women

kiDkiDkiD12 says:

Thanks Saudi on behave of America for your very good business

BEASTup says:

do they feed there soldiers? they look like they dont eat


Al Jazeera pick a team and stop playing both sides of the fence! You can't bash Syria's Assad while pretending to defend Yemen. Both Syria and Yemen have the Same Enemies. You know who they are but your Not Bold enough as Press TV to state the real issues. Whats the matter are you that afraid of USA, UK, Saudi and Israeli Sanctions on Qatar that you can't be a Bold Defender of Real Truth and News AT ALL COSTS??

ulovedai says:

It must suck to say black people kill their own but middle eastern people kill their own people too.


Saudi throne has belongs to America – Prince Salman is definitely a puppet. Very good video, Saudi is look Sheikhy indeed!

Brian Lucas says:

I liked the part where the guy in the skirt is running haphazardly uphill in the desert wearing flip flops. So professional

Syed ali says:

US plan behind this war

sonoki82 says:

Hopefully, the revamped Saudi military will test itself by invading Qatar.

Honey Pie says:

Lake of fire for Saudi's.

prooved by cl says:

How many of soldiers in their army are citizens?

J Loftus says:

Over paid, over fed and over confident.

neo nero says:

What military might? LOL. The Saudis can spend all their oil revenue on weapons, and the Houthis will still be a better fighting unit. Saudis can't buy what's needed: Bravery & Intelligence. By the way things look, if they ever dare to tangle with Iran, I see the Saudis capitulating in a couple of months. But, we all know that the Saudis would beg for U.S. help and intervention, LOL. In fact, NATO & Israel are currently helping in Yemen, yet they're still losing, LOL.

John Doe says:

Saudi should exile the crown prince, heโ€™s made it clear in public that heโ€™s a puppet for the west. I wonder what the punishment for treason is ?? I hope Saudi gets a better future leader than that spineless jackal of a crown prince.

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