🇸🇾 ‘Hell on Earth’ in Eastern Ghouta must stop: UN chief | Al Jazeera English

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Ongoing attacks by Syrian government forces and their allies has created “hell on Earth” for civilians stuck in a rebel-held Damascus suburb, the UN’s chief said on Monday, as air strikes and ground operations continued despite a days-old ceasefire.

The bombardment of rebel-held enclave over the past week has been one of the heaviest of Syria’s seven-year war, killing more than 550 people in eight days, according to a toll compiled by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based war monitor.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Geneva.

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Aaron Colusso says:

Scrap the veto

Slam Dunkz says:

In war, nobody wins.

Antonio Ribeiro says:

The key lies in who continues to fund the terrorist groups that have been the ones who have engineered this war from the start. Everybody really knows the UN. They are the same ones who continue to put chemical weapons in Syria.

DarkSideSixOfficial says:

What happened to the war on terror? Assad has been fighting terror more effectively than the creators of it ever could. XD

Mohammad Khan says:

No Fly Zone will put assad on back foot… where is the order ????

Mohammad Khan says:

U.n is all drama

Bertrand Butler says:

The terrorists need to stop using civilians as human shields.

Remco V says:

Where were those people when Raqqa and Mosul were bombed to the ground….

Anas Khan says:

Please stop the war

Noman Arsh says:

One mission of USA RUSSIA ISRAEL. "Destabilize the middle east by making them fight with each other, and sell the, weapons so our business can also benefit". For the wise… this is the ultimate truth.

muk wattana says:

As long as psychopath war criminals like mr botox face=Putin can Veto the Un the UN is a pathetic joke. The same goes for the united states of war criminals or united states of Putin as it is now called since a retarded Putin puppet sleeps in the white house

lam Kupar says:

Yemen is heaven on Earth

Peter Adonalto says:

If just a few countries launch cruise missiles into Assad regime airbases they could destroy his jets and almost eliminate his ability to murder civilians. It's past time to wring hands and complain, only concrete action will stop the terrorist and war criminal Bashar Assad.

Professional Pussy Petter says:

Revoked the veto rights of the permanent security members.

susanne egli says:

Love and peace ✌❤ Always

Neil Mason says:

Assad is pushing out the Saudi backed terrorists, and then NATO called a ceasefire!

Sam Acorn says:

It is high time! Let’s see peace now, on all sides.

Aditya Iswarabhawa says:

"The responsibility for the continuation of so much pain, lies with 5 of the permanent members of the UN security council, so long as the vetoes is used by them to block any unity of action when it is needed the most where it could reduce the extreme suffering of innocent people, then it is they the permanent members who must answer before the victim"

That is actually quite a blunt speech, but true indeed, though is the permanent members really the one to be blame?

Irish 1916 says:

Al-Nusra and ISIS aren't in the ceasefire so it doesn't matter about the ceasefire. The government will do their duty and wipe out these terrorists

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