🇸🇾 Syria’s war: Eastern Ghouta ceasefire violations kill two | Al Jazeera English

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At least two civilians have been killed less than two hours into a truce in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, activists said, as Syrian government forces launched fresh attacks in the rebel-held Damascus suburb.

Syrian warplanes launched several air raids in Douma and Harasta on Tuesday, Mahmoud Adam, a spokesman for Syria’s Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, told Al Jazeera.

Alaa al-Ahmed, a local activist, told Al Jazeera that the attacks started at 9:30am (7:30 GMT) on Tuesday, 30 minutes after a Russia-backed ceasefire began.

The truce was meant to allow civilians to evacuate from the rebel-held enclave, which has been under continuous aerial bombardment since February 18.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from neighbouring Lebanon.

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TheIxtlan says:

Keep bombing. Use barrel bombs and thermobaric bombs. Americans support the bombing. Forget Washintgton DC and UN they belong to Satan.

Kirk Wilson says:

Al Jazeera is paid by the same people as IS. Of course you are putting out to stop the bombing of the organization that you financially support. Supporting terrorism will never be forgotten or forgiven and your children and their children will suffer once your oil runs out.

Xchardtop says:

How would the reporter know what's going on ? She is in Beirut !

superllama666 ____________ says:

what cease fire?

Bello Ali says:

The people did not want to leave? AL Jazeera? Is that your story line? Haha waoo you are unbelievable

Elizabeth Gagné says:

What about all those killed in Damascus by your beloved terrorist‘ s mortars?

Syed ali says:

America helping destroying Syria in helping terrorist

Friendly Bandit says:

Soon this whole "civil"-war is over, congrats to assad and putin for stopping the west.

Hashimoto Altai says:

Turkey and Israel should bomb butcher assads palace and stop the war!

Salam Khulagi says:

this assad must be hang who is killing his own ppl. remember allah is seeing n u will get brutal death..

Jim Smith says:

Keep crying Phukkers. Half a million Dead Syrians must have their say…

Jim Smith says:

Nobody is coming to save Ghouta. Once it has been cleansed of Terrorists and their families it will be on to the next Terrorist stronghold. There are still some pockets.

Dardania Lion says:

To Assad anyone who oppose him is a terrorist and Russians are the one who do the work.

hole in the sky sabotage says:

, the rich people are making a lot of money on these wars

edris mateso says:

this fake news

Laieboy86 says:

Why can't everyone just leave Syria alone? All this propaganda for war is just making us all sick to our stomach!

Sadia Kamran says:

May Allah Subhan o Taalaa help these people

J Loftus says:

UN ceasefire doesn't apply to Nusra (ISIS) and it's offshoots. So why do you not stop training and paying them?

Ajay prasad says:

Haha These takfiri groups Actually used the Humanitarian truce to Carry out a Offense..

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