🇻🇪 🇧🇷 Thousands of Venezuelans cross into Brazil to flee crisis | Al Jazeera English

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Venezuela’s economic crisis is fuelling mass migration into neighbouring countries.

Hundreds of thousands of people have gone to Colombia, and many others are heading south to Brazil.

Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from the northern Brazilian city of Boa Vista.

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Delon Thomas says:

Machine prints notes still the stomach lacks food

Genesis Bocayes says:

so poor country

Anthony Wijaya says:


thought criminal says:

The 'fruits' of marxist economics.


What will you do if it happens to you. Bless brazil is doing something to help even they have also their own problem.

Darsh Is here says:

They shouldn't be having kids if they can't feed them. It's on the parents to know better.

Bicentennial Nagger says:

And the Venezuelan exodus begins…
Fair well, weary travelers.
Hope you find safety, stability, and comfort for yourselves and your loved ones.

Bryce Antony Franco da Silva says:

We have enough problems here, we don’t need new ones

T Rf says:

We should take young women in
Make them marry that way everybody stays happy
Racists wont be angry if they have a woman to love

Honey Pie says:

Sad. Thank the corrupt governments.

ChromeMan04 says:

Kick them out Brazil!

Funki says:

Hope for the best.

No Dogma Mama says:

Venezuela is a failed petro-state, not an exemple of socialism, like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, or New Zealand.
Venezuela is a fascist state right now. They started left wing, and moved quickly toward authoritarianism. The businesses are all government owned, but in reality, they’re all owned by government cronies. The government and private enterprise are indistinguishable.
In the U.S. we have corporations running our government, and with government officials benefiting from their connections to the corporations. Increasingly, the government and private enterprise are indistinguishable.
Both systems are trending toward authoritarian fascism. They’ve circling around the same block, and ending in the same place. Venezuela did it by turning left, the U.S. is doing it by turning right. But the destination is identical. This is literally how Venezuelans I know describe it to me. There is nothing even remotely resembling left wing ideals at this point in the Venezuelan government.

parveen malik says:

Venezuela has world's largest oil resources. The communism has brought misery and its economic model was always in tatters,even china had to open up its economy in 80s to get respite out of economic ruins.

Uncle Ruckus says:

and IF these refugees were african americans (negro hood rats from usa)
their first concern would not be getting a work permit and a job NNNOOOOO
BUT if there are white women in brasil and if they can date them
NO JOKE they just like that

Fan Girl says:

These poor people the world is falling apart , we need to start helping our neighbors. This could be us !!!!!!

abrar ali says:

God bless them and the Syrian people .

zbudda says:

Who will Brazil call for help with the Venezuelan refugees?

Thophan says:

I am not fan of Maduro nor having any interest in Venezuela politics but to be fair this report is very biased, it said one thousand Venezuelans arrive daily in Brazil and if we take that into account Venezuelans could now have surpassed several thousands people but in the report I could see no more than one hundred people

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