🔴WATCH: President Trump Announcement on Black Colleges and Universities – LIVE STREAM 2/27/18

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Watch LIVE as President Trump announces a White House initiative on black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

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Veritas vos liberabit says:

Trump and his Sec of the Dept of Education using the federal government to pander to those in the black community who claim to be disenfranchised by non-black races, from whom they demand ever more taxpayer welfare funding through federal social programs. More race based initiatives, taking from the children of non-black citizens, and giving to the children of black citizens. Unconstitutional and immoral.

mandie sayavedra says:

Home much money has to continue going to the black universities (I don't deny that there are many intelligent people in those institutions of learning and Muslims) . More money needs to go into community training centers. Where technical training use to be free or low cost, these centers are charging $25,000 minimum. How can low income get a break. Financial aid only gauges the gvnmt by way of the system in place right now which takes money from the housing market as did Obamacare.

Richard Wilson says:

I love this new guy. And just like Obama’s countless nominees were chosen because they were political hacks, placed to insidiously oppose any honest and effective reform, now Trump’s nominees, chosen from sheer competence, will in turn serve to oppose corruption for the near future.

NewYorkBlack says:

For those who are feeling like they a being left out, I have to say you should not feel this way.
Trump, is fighting battles on every front and has managed to accomplish much. Tax cuts, Bringing back Businesses to the US, Got rid of the Obama care mandate, The wall, Immigration reform. He has to deal with a midterm election in a few months. He has to make sure the Democrats not gain any ground in Congress or Senate – Trump is dealing with a lot.
The black community has been suckered and used by the Democrats for Decades. Promises and never deliver. Black people are votes for the Dems. Obama was and is a let down to Black people and to All Americans
Trump is trying to help ALL. More and more Black people are waking up and are rethinking about their blind allegiance to the Democratic Party.

4774patrick says:

loud fake newsers

Jeff Strange says:

I hope he opens more doors of opportunity to the Black Colleges so they can drive up the economy too.

C Mazz Sr says:

Another White person pandering, another white man GUILTED to grease the squeaky wheel.
Blacks will never be happy, they will always cry and complain, never face the real issues in the black community.
White America MUST become the loudest squeaky wheel, White America MUST unite while embracing in group preferences, before it's too late for white children in the Nation their ancestors imagined, created and died for. WAKE THE F UP WHITE AMERICA

papavalium says:

Obama did nothing after 8 years. Trump has done more to help HBCUs in one year, then Obama's full term.

Q Vet says:

Thank you Mr President. We need this help!

Libertys Price says:

I'm just wondering how much more black ass does Trump have to kiss…I mean really,,, if I were black,,, I'd be ashamed that my fellow blacks were so needy for attention proving once more how very badly they need the whites in order to make it in the world ….Will they ever grow up …??? Or will they always depend on Big Daddy,,,white man…???Hahahahahahahah…!!!

1 says:

The BEST US President EVER 2020 TRUMP !

saved by grace says:

I love Trump but waiting for him to help ALL struggling hard working Americans is becoming hopeless black this and black that is not helping the rest if us get ahead and I am feeling a bit hopeless.

Lethal says:

To think none of this could have been done with Amarosa working there….. interesting.

robert johnston says:

When can we have true freedom with association and have White Colleges Mr President???

viewfromeastnwest says:

Thank GOD for President Trump and His Patriotic Administration.

Don Veeser says:

Never saw this scene/setting with obozo .. hmmmmm .. Now if advanced education could actually starts teaching young folks something productive and useful again instead of social 'sciences' and 'arts' ..

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