ABC Pays the Price After Joy Behar ATTACKS Christianity on ‘The View’

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Randy DeSoto for the Western Journal reports, “The View” co-host Joy Behar’s comparison of Christianity to a mental illness on last Tuesday’s program has prompted over 25,000 calls to flood into the ABC network in protest.

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Sharlene Carpenter says:

Just think about what ABC stands for Anybody But Christians I hate the view I can't get through the first 15 minutes of it

mark appleby says:

She needs her head examined, her lack of common sense proves it. Most of Hollywood has its common removed long ago, makes them easy to spot

Dough Boy says:

Do like your Jesus Christ would do. Turn he other check and thought should not judge it's her opinion and that's why they call the show the view it's her view Mike is crazy and alot you all

Dough Boy says:

You don't like what I'm saying try to get me fired

Levi Waldrip says:

Are you ok brother you seem tired you been working hard this last year God bless you

Levi Waldrip says:

I love you Pence

Levi Waldrip says:

Boycott the veiw

America First says:

Joy Behar is a crazy jealous bitch.

T Shine says:

I'm not a religious person, but I say Kill this BITCH!!!

David Mason says:

She needs some faith or d..k in her life one. She is completely miserable.

Ronald West says:

The painted hussy looks like a dragster and it needs to be fired.

kelly marsh says:

We need to realize that as long as joy B. and others like her stick to only voicing their opinions, they have that right. when we start asking to have her silenced, we are on a slippery slope that the left would love to see us on. However, the 1st amendment protects our freedom to speak but does NOT protect us from the consequences of those words. Word to the wise Joy, you may have the right to speak but we have the right to not like it, and to voice our disapproval.

Robert Jones says:

I stand in agreement with you brother Gary.

Rosalyn Roldan says:

We need to pray for her. The Lord loves Joy just as much as He loves all God fearing people. Pray the Lord brings her to salvation the way He plucked us out of our sins and hard hearts.
God bless

John Cassidy says:

Tranny bitch

PhysicalGraffiti says:

Waiting for her to criticize Oprah's faith for saying that if God told her to run(for office), she would

Christopher NaPier says:

Hope they fired the witch!

AC/DC.4.LIFE ! says:

Mc Donald’s … is hiring.

Carol Duclos says:

That show should be cancelled I'm a Christian and joy is trash and everyone knows it

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