Gutfeld on no drama Obama

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Former president claims his administration had no embarrassing scandals.

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Jeffery Rightmire says:

Obama-a bad word

paul siro says:

wtf is this gutfeld guy talking about .

Tom Sawyer says:

Honesty the White House haven't seen this much Drama of any kind under any administration. Trump has turn the house into a Adult Daycare and soon we will be cleaning it up

P. Curry says:

Read Breitbart News Today about this blocking

Mark Glover says:

The evil that took place in the Obama administration is just now coming into the light. The Obama administration was full of collusion deceit lying and stealing. The amount of traitorous acts committed by the Obama Administration will go down in history that's the most obscene Administration ever.

maria sierra says:

You created scandals,sleeping with our enemies,you are evil Hussein O. You are America’s enemy

booman1980tkj4 says:


Sukhbir Sekhon says:

nobody wants to work fo trump wonder why?

Linda Fernandes says:

Worst Potus in our history.Dirty un American ,marxist ,bath house whore.

Loser says:

Fox News obsessed with obama

eggs benedict says:

poor Juan – he's a joke isn't he ? a likeable idiot though and wouldn't be there if not well paid.

Black Swan says:

Has BHO read Michelle Malkin's book on the first 100 days of his admin? (the entire 8 days would have required 10 volumes)?
I hope he can read?

Alexander Canovas says:

Obama says his administration had no scandals "that embarrassed them". That would be laughable on its face, but for the fact that he is always very careful in the words he chooses. In this case, we must bear in mind that in order to be embarrassed, one must have a sense of decency and shame. Since neither Obama, nor any of his cronies in the administration had either, I am not surprised that they felt no embarrassment over Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, his scandalous disparaging of law enforcement and praise of BLM and other black reprobates, and on and on. Rarely does someone evoke such a gag reflex as Obama, primarily due to his hypocrisy and shamelessness, not to mention his far leftist ideology.

Diabando Guzman says:

He truly was America's Greatest Con Artist.

Mike Hunt says:

Worst president in history period..

Mario Spiros says:

My country Greece sending a lot of refugees to Lithuania to, which we rescue at see and store on our Islands like stock ready for dispatch, sorry no slow down in exporting them to Lithuania we can't get the paper work for that done in time, if they become like Germany that is their problem. rumbllllles

Tim Olsen says:

The lame stream media was too busy genuflecting and sucking his dick because he’s so cool, (FLY,) but you know, affirmative action is an important process here in America; Oscandle free needed the cover because he is so inept, corruption was his only vise! Boy is that OSCANDLE FREE FLY, although FLY is not a virtue, so WHO does that make him, history will tell, NOBODY REALLY!

Judith Osorio says:

If trump had President Obama's decency, and nothing else, he would make a good president.

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