Inspector general opens investigation into FISA court

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The Justice Department’s internal watchdog will now take on alleged surveillance abuse during the 2016 election; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington.

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Karen Bean says:

Inspector General has no power to prosecute, this is another "shuffle" by a "snake in the grass" A.G.

Paul Taylor says:

Why was this not done a year ago!!! 1 year ago; in the corporate world you would have been fired or your resignation would have been automatic. Sessions is part of the swamp and he deceived Trump.


I heard Trump is asking Mueller and Sessions to cross the streams in a golden shower on him.

Brian Crane says:

IG has no prosecutorial powers. Kick the dirt behind the curtain 'til people forget. Anybody remember Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Solindra?…No? Told 'ya!

Rick Halverson says:

Get off his ass and let's get this done. Lock the crooked democrats up.

Marco A. Velasquez says:

Sessions seems slow on getting anything done when it comes to draining the swamp.

RUPKE says:

Leave it to Mueller!!
Sessions is part of the Swamp…..

Joe Johnson says:

Stop stalling, Bull Shitting, and arrest Crooked Hillary, Obama, and the George Soros crime family.

gary fletcher says:

How can anyone trust corrupt institutions to investigate and punish themselves? Its so Ridiculous!

Chris Pyves says:

Adml Rogers is correct we should bind gag & lock up Hillary Clinton to stop any more Russian interference in our elections.

Bite Mee says:

Too little too late.

Pastor Edgar Vidro says:

It's truly sad that AG Jeff Sessions , a person who Supported Donald Trump for President . Is not doing his job . He's becoming a Big Disappointment !

Larry Guess says:

Quit ruining your videos with promotions of other videos! They pop up AFTER the video is completed which is the appropriate time.

John Grytbakk says:

The madness continues. So tired of the lunacy.

blaze 2017 says:

I have zero faith in Jeff sessions he sucks

Mark Race says:

Nothing will happen to the democrats. Trump is a sellout and the swamp is fine.

Chuck Kostrzewa says:


Brother Barton says:

What is going to happen when all your poor investments come crashing down? You cannot make untruth true. You want so bad to be right yet you don't recognize how wrong your interpretations of your limited perceptions are. Not one of your alliances you have sought can witness to truth but only to your illusions. Time is your real enemy. You are hiding so deep in denial that you do not see the light of truth. When you give up what you want for what is already there, you will see.

Vintage 1960 says:

The entire government is a joke. Years of endless BS and mindless tail-chasing. Nothing gets resolved by design. Just wear us down 'till we stop paying attention to their corruption.

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