Outnumbered Overtime 2/27/18 | Fox News February 23, 2018

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Outnumbered Overtime 2/27/18 | Fox News February 23, 2018
Official channel – www.youtube.com/user/FoxNewsChannel


Rita Patricia says:

Every Single Government Authority Failed In Parkland. And They Expect Americans To Forfeit Our Self-Defense Rights To Them? SHERIFF ISRAEL, told all Police to "stand down" it was overheard on there radios…. while children are being "slaughter" . Sheriff Israel was heard saying, great we can blame the President… Sheriff Israel is a Democrat and supports and protects Demorats like Debbie Wasaman Schultz a known criminal like Clintion there agenda… MURDER."

Robert Benson says:

Age 21 for snowflakes normal people 18

Robert Benson says:

Why does fox keep on showing his face that's what these killers want they want their minute on TV and their you keep giving it to him

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