Right After Billy Graham Dies one Feminist Rips him apart with FIVE DESPICABLE Words

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Hank Berrien for the Daily Wire reports, A feminist writer who must imagine she is qualified to sit in judgment on the dead issued one of the nastiest tweets in recent memory about a man who brought thousand, if not millions of people back to God.

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Ron Williams says:

Something to think about Democrats: This is the type of people that join your political party and by default you associate yourself with. I have not seen this type of filth in conservative circles in my entire life. A graduate of Fordham University this ought to tell parents where to NOT send their children. This high-heels wearing piece of filth writes for Vice (go figure that one out!), Complex, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, Pacific Standard, The Nation, and The New Yorker Magazines. This ought to be more than enough to rid your homes of these paper rags and never support them again due to their association.

Phil H says:

When she dies she will go to Hell, Billy is in a much better place .

Jane Smith says:

Billy Graham was and is THE MOST FANTASTIC Christian minister! Just listening to him even on television WAS WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC! I HOPE his family will continue to show his sermons! I THANK GOD for the privilege of hearing BILLY GRAHAM!

Stephen FitzGerald says:

Clearly this person has deep issues. Time to learn you don't have to agree with those with opposing points of view. Just get along with them. Rev. Graham had no hidden agenda, his only goal was to offer guidance to us all on living a good life and preparing ourselves for what comes after it.

Glenn A. says:

All this is prophecy coming true! Can you tell, Christians?

Kochise 111 says:

As I watch all this go down I see that I may die for my savior. I pray that my heart is ready with whatever goes down in Jesus name.

Manuel Quintana says:

God will curse those who curse His selected ones, specially His pastors, this woman has something coming for her sin against God.Amen!

Gerann Gerber says:

Her words are vile, but people be realistic here. Even though he says he was a Preacher, in actual fact he was a Freemason!!

American Woman says:

There is a place in Hell just waiting for all of these fools.

Pure wild Spirit says:

If she even knew anything about him. And another example of Hollywood twisting minds.

Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit says:

Billy Graham is rotting in hell, like all agents of Lucifer! >:O

daniel guzman says:

Billy Graham was wolf on sheep's clothing

Renee moran says:

Rip Billy Gram she will be in hell and she will rot

barbara fields says:

Ask he for example of what was so evil she can't or lies just like her kind did when Jan And paul Crouch died. Bet this female dog hasn't so much as held a door open for someone

K & E Fleming says:

Thank you Gary as always for bringing the truth to us, whats happened to these younger females ? They go to these liberal colleges and get brainwashed? someone needs to slap them hard to wake up-they are Zombies lost in their no-win, no matter what! Their parents must be a POS, I have a beautiful daughter, who dosen't discriminate, got her masters degree and is a great asset to this madness.

sonya adamson says:

Just remember girl when you spout this garbage, remeber that he was around alot longer than you were,and you libtards are in the wrong place lol

Mr. Nick b says:

Yes Gary Franchi Billy Graham is a man of God snd GOD always takex care his people!

Cat mandoo says:

Rummers are LIES, And Lie ing, is a Sin, And If You THINK that Your Going To Heaven, THAY WON'T LET YOU IN,!!

Lavenderrose73 says:

May Billy Graham rest in peace, and may God bless him exceedingly for all the people he brought to Christ..

H. DeBeau says:

Another feminist with a heart of stone. No wonder they fail at relationships

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