Sarah Sanders Takes a BLOWTORCH to Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi with 20 WORDS Overnight Pelosi will HATE

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, A new poll from the far left New York Times has a majority of Americans now approve of the Trump tax cuts. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders hammered Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi in a late night tweet over Trump’s tax cuts.

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Lavenderrose73 says:

Well. there are democrats who are decent people and honestly (albeit misguidedly) think President Trump is the bad guy here. There's democrats who are still truly American people at heart, and then there are communists (or at least socialists) posing as "democrats." (Pelosi, the other Sanders, etc.) Although, apparently a few are posing as "republicans" instead (i.e. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, etc.)

Last One standing says:

I think you should also remind your viewers that this same stupid woman Nancy called Obama's tax break of US$ 40 was a big thing in 2012. Even with the current value of 40$ is only around 50$. And she calls Trump's 1000$ crumbs..!!

panjualede says:

in my country if you earn 1000 dollars you are rich, Nancy pelosi and the democrats are the same rats from here

K B says:

PELOSI hires Hispanic vineyard workers to manage the vines I wonder if she pays them $15.00 per hour .?

Joe Borzacchiello says:


Alfred Cisneros says:

Listen to nutty nancy again, she says the shes middle class?. Don't do drugs and botox. God bless

KMA says:

According to the Hag 2, we don't have a border problem as all we need to do is show up on the border with Mexico on or pushing lawn mowers to keep the grass cut so the little Mex Shits can't hide while crawling across the line.

Dave Jenn says:

Dear Nancy,
Please share just half your wealth to a worthy cause like the American Cancer Society or St. Jude Hospital. Your Crumbs could pay an expensive a normal family has to finance for an entire year…

Eddie Berry says:


Jim Smitn says:

He lies. He defrauds. He abuses women. He commits adultery. He denigrates minorities, war heroes, gold star parents, the disabled, the press, law enforcement. He praises dictators. He refuses to protect us against enemy attacks. He’s the President of the United States.

Jj Johnson says:

Most wealthy do not want to share the wealth! If multi millionaires & billionaires dropped a small percentage of their wealth to raise wages, help others start a business, helped others out of debt. helped thru clinics they set up & finance them to help less fortunate & addictions, help families with morgages, so many things they could do & peoples they could help, but they never have enough & great wealth seems to corrupt & bring a mental disorder to B richer, more powerful, more wicked & mean & even deviate evil. Not the money! The LOVE of the riches!!

James Smith says:

Botox Nancy , Someone might want to do a research study to see if Botox makes people stupid . Hollywood uses Botox allot and their is plenty of stupid people out there . Just asking ????

Ron Gruber says:

Watch the left wing video starting The overlords touting the good the 40 there were going to offer.

Emily Blechert says:


Steven Hanson says:

Gary, the best way to attack Nancy Pelosi is to not stoop to her level of argumentation. Don't make fun of her directly, let a simple gesture do that for you and keep it limited or you start looking like the bully SHE is. Perhaps find a reputable psychiatrist to look at the psychopathy of Pelosi, Waters, Clinton and many others, and point out the similarities in their behavior off-camera. I think a book could be written on it.

Georges Guez says:

PIPILOOSEIT Looks like my mother just on the end of her life : Termina l Anzamers

Bob Majew says:

For many especially young people 100 or $200 a month can definitely help, it's a car payment or a new washing machine.

Brett Nortje says:

The bigger issue is who was right and who was wrong? Trumponomics works!

STAR KEY says:

I Love Sarah Huckabee Sanders…

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