This Is The Biggest Internet Purge We Have Ever Seen

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The banning and censorship of conservative voices on social media continues.

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LaRee Weatherman says:

That body language gal is so good. Has never used swear words, won't allow her listeners to so what did she do wrong? Point out how liberals are lieing because she can tell by their body language! That's how!

Adolfa Aloïsia says:

Nice photoshop attempt at the duck tape in your mouth in the thumbnail,Alex

Deborah Simmons says:

I wish you guys would post where these people have gone to so we can hook up with them there. All the Q people are gone!!!! Everybody I watch is gone. And there’s no one to replace them at all!!!!

roblox maniac danceand shake says:

If INFOWARS was serious, alex would encourage the audience he has to discontinue their cable services that have FNN, BBO and BSNBC in them….But, he doesn't flex his popularity muscle… Why?… In America people vote everyday with their dollars….Instead Alex enourages his audience to consent to doing nothing serious… But, buy his products… Why???

Nunya Bizness says:

Mandy (Bombard) is back but she knows its only a matter of time

Brain Fog says:

1. Youtube is manipulating the View Counter
2. Youtube is manipulating the like counter of your channel.
3. Youtube is manipulating the search engine.

Christopher Hernandez says:

I don't care if I agree or disagree with some of your content, no one should have their voice silenced.

Right behind you guys.


Keep flagging him guys. Don't worry. He loves false flags

Mike Winter says:

Bombards just posted this morning as they let her back on YouTube. She is planning on moving to a different platform.

K Vjqxzz says:

I am really worried about the UK police state too

Gooba Jungle Boy says:

Bombard Body Language is back baby. Check her out.

K Vjqxzz says:

Bombard them back

Hands Over Eyes says:

I’m sure it’s pure (((coincidence))) Bezos is a member of the tribe.

jessie james says:

So what is Trump doing ??? where is all the people that he was going to arrest ???

Dogon Backwards says:

Bye! LMAO!!!

Caryn Van Wyk says:

Make sure you are telling the truth and verify what you put out. Even though Alex acts nuttier than a fruitcake he should not be taken down.

LovinTexas says:

It is called 'Silence the Opposition'

Click Advanced says:

We got you alex Game Ova

Jammin' with Jambo says:

I am for free speech.
Let Alex be heard, whether you agree or not.

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