Trade tensions rise between Canada, U.S.

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Trade tensions are on the rise between Canada and the U.S. during the latest round of NAFTA talks, with President Donald Trump telling governors Monday that “we lose a lot to Canada.”

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keith bonham says:

So goes the U.S. economy , so goes Canada's economy . The bulk of Canada's exports go to the U.S.A. The Justine Liberals will have you believe that they are responsible the success of Canadian Companies , don't be fooled .

oldesarge2000 says:

Americans want to talk trade not gender b.s. We've seen a budget here in Canada that defies explanation….

Adque says:

It’s terrifying to think Trudeau and his dysfunctional team is negotiating this…so many Canadian jobs are at stake.

single batch23 says:

"justin,what did i tell you about sitting at the grownups table"….Donald J. Trump

Tyler Hill says:

This dude is all worried about Canada controlling what happens in the US's soft wood lumber industry, does he not realize that commodity prices for Canadian farmers as well as America's are set in Chicago….. So if we look at he soft wood lumber are we also going to look at this too? Or are we just gonna go with a double standard?

Nathan Blades says:

thats why its high time to legalize marijuana and create some income

gloria oh says:

Trade tensions globally with America…HELLO?…NOT only with Canada…many other countries. including South korea.

John Boy says:

Trump is finally on to you

Stas Shulepov says:

I don't think, that the president of the United States was saying this words for real, the two neighbouring countries, the two biggest economies in the world the two major countries, which are represent the North American culture and the way of it's living (right, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina are also here), the security reasons, this all is a basis, an already builted up platform for further growth and communication

Ben Mak says:

That's all BS. US always is using Canada as third world country, getting raw materials cheap and complaining about. Why China is not complaining but paying in time? For example last year lumber export volume to China excesses those to US.
Since West turned back on Russia, only Canada has major resources available.

Rick Lorens says:

Trump first let Trudeau shop around a little bit and now after his super successful trips (!!!!!!) to India and China and coming back with his tail between his legs he is going to give this snowflake a life time lesson at NAFTA talks.

Callandor says:

All due to Trump, most inept leader in US history. Oh and those fantastic trillion+ projected deficits. Rates hikes, not just the markets, but given US massive debt…future default?

vertebral says:

very cute bear

Lumby1 says:

So much for America's 3% growth predictions.Yeah, Donny we're smooth, you better find somebody smart quick, or we'll take our trade to Asia with 60% of the world's population. The Chinese are taking almost $400 billion a year from you, and you are worried about Canada? They are buying with your money and jobs, you could use better friends than Duterte and Putin. We used to be friends, don't think Trump wants that. Oh well…

Joe M says:

Of course NAFTA is on thin ice. The Canadian trade minister wants all sorts of odd thing in it which would violate the US Constitution…

mario torres says:

Need true free trade, remove all governed trade regulations.

Null Pointer says:

Canada is starting to sound like Cuba and North korea. You can complain about the competition all you want but at some point you have to admit Communism just doesn't play well against capitalism. You are going to lose no matter what with communism , i guess we have to learn the hard way.

PA G says:

Build a Northern Wall.

Frank Wagner says:

the yanks would love to dump their dairy products in Canada and wipe out the Canadian farmer, great for America and bad for Canada

TT C says:

Good because Justin Trudeau absolute satanic nut bag. If the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates you're going to see bankruptcy rates increase significantly. I don't even know how they got the name Federal Reserve because they're not a federal agency which is in my mind is Criminal

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