U.S. presidential historian slams Trump response to Russian indictments for election meddling

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U.S. presidential historian Allan Lichtman reflects on the latest Trump scandals, including his controversial response to the Florida shooting, swirling allegations of a second extra-marital affair with a former Playboy playmate, and his renewed attacks on the FBI.
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RODNEY Schells says:

And mr. Trump is next to be indicted jail time Trump

Joseph Castillo says:

disgusting POS

Jack Andras says:

Hey, I'm on your side, but the Nike logo…bad idea.

Jordan Williams says:

Did Obama have all this going on ? Nope..but was so hated & disrespected.. smfh

bob bjorkner says:

that bowtie is a dazzler.

Shane Hollander says:

Stop it with your impeachment bs. #PEOPLESPREDIDENT

Just AGuy says:

Trump wants to blame anyone but himself especially when it involves him going to prison lol

Little Mac says:

Man….I am pretty far to the left and and agree with much of what you say. But when I see the bow tie it reminds me of that Fox News political hack Jon Stewart destroyed on Crossfire years ago. If it REALLY is your real life style…I so GO FOR IT!!! Mad respect. But I worry it is just a TV costume.

888strummer says:

No collusion found and nothing Russia did was found to influence the outcome of the election. So this is now a big waste of money and FBI resources. Trump has the economy running very well and people are finally getting raises, with more and more jobs coming back to America. Enough with this crap already~Russia did NOT affect the election~

John Charles says:

The worst leader this country has ever had bar none, the worst, saids one thing today tomorrow we hear something else. We are not dumb

Chuck Beef says:

Even Facebook VP said most of the ads were about starting anti-Trump rallies at Trump Tower. CBC pushing the biased liberal msg as usual.

Lee Johnson says:

Donald Trump has announced he will destroy all life on Earth, using Nuclear Bombs, the last week he is in the Presidency. Trump says that some people have not been nice to him and that makes him angry, so he is going to destroy all life on earth, using Nuclear Bombs, the last week he is President. Trump says the last week he in the President, he will order the USA Military to drop Nuclear Bombs on, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Mexico, and several Nations in South America.

Stanley Czech Music Archives says:

TRUMP NUNES RYAN and PENCE TREASON IS THE REASON FOR THE NRA student killing spree SEASON and all else too

Trudeauphobic Mooseater says:

CBC should stop deflecting from objectively reporting our own affairs, with US's daily gossip from CNN news feeds.

Bruce Haddow says:

The bunny refuses to charge the pudgy and sixty stallion? This is the kind of copy Ailes needed.

r Negoro says:

All for Make America Great Again…….

Kevin Shinduke says:

Get it right…PlayYoungPerson not PlayBoy

Garett James says:

She must have very low self-esteem.

Tommy Gun says:


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