Victor Davis Hanson On Breitbart News Tonight Leftists College Campuses Don’t Want Argue Arena Ideas

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Victor Davis Hanson On Breitbart News Tonight Leftists College Campuses Don’t Want Argue Arena Ideas


Mike T says:

The progressive dream of social evolution on the road to utopia is simply a calibration issue relative to the laws of thermodynamics:

JoneseyBhoy says:

He’s an incredible force in truth and reason.

David Rapalyea says:

The end of this progressive Mickey Mouse era may be neigh! Except, of course, in deeply feminized Canada where the women invite the worst alpha male pit vipers on the planet in for nursing back to health.

David Rapalyea says:

Progressives have yet to produce an effective analog to "19-year-old Gavrilo Princip" who triggered WWI. The progressive Sanders guy who ambushed the Senatorial Republican baseball team came close. Very very close. But no cigar. These people belong to the tail end of a diminishing demographic and are looking at the ash heap of history.

Going on 250 years of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his progeny, (including Marx etc) Perhaps we have seen enough of these noble savages for a century or two.

David Rapalyea says:

California has canaries in the coal mine these many years and very few of them are left perching. I have two favorites. First, are the endless miles of tent cities in Orange County flanking residential roads. The second are the trailers on Silicon valley high tech campuses for young workers. Like barracks until they can afford high six digit homes crawling distance away. Learn as much as you can about A/C and start thinking Texas. You may be able to cobble together an actual life.

Sharon Gygi says:

I don’t want my grandchildren in most college unless it is Hillsdale College.

Sharon Gygi says:

Hollywood is basically evil that use their careers to hide behind their hateful rhetoric.

Bob Beckel says:

I guess he is commenting on the excesses of the welfare state. I recall, in the 1960s, a million blacks flocking to
Washington DC, to get government jobs doling out welfare to the other 20 million blacks. The Left has created
another bureaucracy in education, work fare for lunatics to support forcing millions of kids into another system
of perpetual slavery. It seems the problem could be easily solved by reducing "entitlements."

Stanley Cates says:

VDH, like Ben Shapiro a beautiful mind.

Gerard Mackey says:

she's terribe; can't listen

D.S. Wellhauser says:

Too many commercials

K.M. Smith says:

Progressives suck ass. Like he said they cant even defend their views.

K.M. Smith says:

I fucking hate Hollywood liberal celebrities. Progressivism is a cancer.

charlesvan13 says:

The political culture has gone full circle. It used to be the religious right which was taking a position of assumed moral superiority, that "agree with us or you're a bad person". Now it's the left that's doing it.

aslekay says:

He always lists examples, connects them, makes point, dicusses.

Kent Davies says:

Can this interviewer stop saying "um"?

Clint Stevens says:

VDH points out the in-your-face hypocrisy of the media

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