What do Canada’s Olympic athletes eat?

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What do Canada’s athletes eat in Pyeongchang? How do they stay healthy and fuelled on the road? Team Canada dietitian Angela Dufour talks nutrition protocols with CBC’s Heather Hiscox.

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Vicky Yesman says:

OMG… I love her so much … she is in South Korea 🙂

penelopepurr says:

As long as it is halal. Don't want to offend anyone…

Jerry Bear says:

kimchi is awesome.

Buffy's Bloomers says:

bread and circuses

Blazed and Confused says:

What does Canada's prime minister eat besides soy?

Gerald Bull says:

Long story short; they don't eat. They only apply large amounts of make up and hair dye

Asrat Mengesha says:

I wish to visit Canada, now!

Mikegaming YTW says:

I want food

Del Evans says:

The Trudeaus bill the taxpayer over $6000 a month for household groceries, $400 of that is for BOTTLED WATER. This does not include meals he bills while traveling. Which he does a lot

Mayra Sanchi says:

Dairy, McDonald’s WTF!!! Lol!

Jessica B says:

Do athletes eat food?

Leigh Harrington says:

do any atheletes use low card diets? Leigh

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