What’s Really Happening with Venezuela’s “El Petro” Crypto Currency?

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Between a broken website, pushback from its own government and stories of violence and extortion, it’s almost as though the Petro isn’t doing as well as mainstream media is making it seem.

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Holman Garcia says:

We all know that the USA is wirse governments in the world. The most evil country and most be destroy, because JESUS CHRIST most comes back soon.
Read the HOLY BIBLE IN REVELATION explain what is next. this nation is heading to destruction. When Satan and his demos controll a nation or somebody life they are going down.

Pat Silver says:

Dahboo – FYI – from my experience, I am seeing a hierarchal trend of these coins whereas they will be convertible all the way down to the retail store …. for example:  Agriculture Block Chains:  1 BOX OF CEREAL PURCHASED AT GROCERY STORE PAID W/ AGRICULTURE CRYPTO CURRENCY – THEN THE GROCERY STORE RESTOCKS MORE BOXES OF CEREAL BY PURCHASING FROM WHOLESALER WITH THE CRYPTO CURRENCY – THEN THE WHOLESALER PURCHASES THE CEREAL FROM THE MANUFACTURER WITH THE CURRENCY – THEN THE MANUFACTURER PURCHASES THE RAW GRAINS FROM GROWER WITH THE CURRENCY.  This allows the governments to monitor all transactions and to launch a cash free society by giving everyone 'Universal Basic Income' cards – STARTING WITH FOOD STAMP CARDS.  This food will be sprayed with the worst chemicals and Organic will not be an option.  These cards will help to calm the population as we head into the Grand Solar Minimum as food prices double again and again.

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

this is 100% a scam.

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

lol. something suspicious.. the entire thing?

Niggasdontdiewex says:

Crypto currency ain't wat y'all think… Fight against it… It will…it will seal it doom


Crypto-currencies are all BOGUS………just like fiat money……..totally worthless

Aaron Rowland says:

Hey daboo7 some times I can't see the other people's comments thought I ask you if certain people are picked to make a comment on your video

Vat_city says:

Vitalik stopped it

Stu art says:

Fucking Bitcoin wankers

Return of Zeus says:

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Gene Rosen says:

Anything hackable is not feasible

dharma6529 says:

Give me an S , Give me a C , Give me an A ,  Give me an M , What do we have ??? A SCAMMMMMMMMMMM

Michael Roth says:

Hi DAHBOO, Can you make a video about the Sanuscoin?

Jolene Uranga says:

They talked shit about Israel.. Thats a big no no

blaghist says:

they gonna flop harder

Fid LaF says:

If anybody speaks Russian or Spanish. This is the day the Petro was introduced to the world. They are talking about the Petro been the Coin to be used to exchange between LatinoAmerica. No more Petro Dollar

Fid LaF says:

The move has raised worries that the cryptocurrencies, which analysts say is enjoying a period of massive overvaluation, could see their bubble burst rapidly in the near-term.


Fid LaF says:

This is what Venezuela is going to do. With Maduro or without Maduro. Who cares about Maduro. It wasn’t his idea.
To achieve the objectives set in the internal economy and also contribute to the fight against the powerful north,

Step 1: Venezuela will redirect the origin of government subsidies from oil revenues to bitcoin mining in sufficient quantities to dominate the global field of cryptography. Additionally, legalize cryptocurrency and mining. Fill the country with bitcoin ATMs. Allow employers to pay salaries in BTC.

Step 2: Accept payment for Venezuelan oil only in bitcoin.

Step 3: Launch the "Petro" as a local currency, a currency managed by the government with a fixed exchange rate (dynamic, with a simultaneous exchange rate in gold) as a way to mitigate the volatility risk of bitcoin in the local economy .

Step 4: Use the strengthening of the Venezuelan currency to invest in large purchases of Yen, to destroy the dollar and decapitalize the colonial oppressor.

Fid LaF says:

Petro is a much more ambitious project than other digital currencies. like the Digix (backed in gold) or the Tether (backed in currencies) that will have the door To the use of other assets as backup of the currency due to its condition of active Crypto issued by the state on its own platform, the instrument has Potential to be adopted massively, with more than 20 million users alone, in Venezuela, that is, the equivalent to 5 times the size of the global market of the Crypto coins. Petro will work with the technology of block chains, following the highest standards to guarantee integrity, transparency, auditability and governance. In addition, it has the backing provided by the privileged reserves of natural resources of Venezuela. This cryptoactive will generate confidence among international investors for having their bases firmly established in a context of clear rules and a solid connection with the real economy.
Petro as it is the fact of being backed by the largest certified oil reserve on the face of the earth with 395,878 million barrels of oil 2 times higher than the reserves of Saudi Arabia and Dubay together, 11 thousand tons of gold in natural reserves , the 4th largest gas reserve on the planet, diamonds, coltan, and the world's largest Thorium reserve 2 times the size of the oil reserve, this mineral possesses 1,000 times the energy produced by the uranium in the nuclear bomb plus It is a powerful existing one that makes the figure that will support the Petro be "58,000 Billion Dollars", the equivalent of 40 times the gross domestic product of the US. and 4 times that of China.

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