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Kevin G says:

He doesn't go to that school

kingdominside says:

More like ,Alex Jones moving to ban youtube

Mikesline says:

un-real how the left who hate america to prosper have so much power ,it's disgusting

Joshua Ruckstuhl says:

YouTube has already been censored . Look up Las vegas cover up , or Sandy Hook coverup / hoax , all that shows up are CNN , Fox , CBS , not a single video relating to what you looked for. 6 months ago I remember you can look up those things and all the video you looked for would show up . Fuck youtube .

MrAbelone says:

Alex, they are removing channels daily, I had about 30/40 subs and 8 hav been removed from YT this week. All truther channels with exception of a few.

Please do something? I hear people are moving to DTube, please go there and back up all you videos.

Boycott this this channel. Find another platform and make video on it daily so everyone knows were to go.

Once again Info Wars gives us news a year before it goes down!!!

Mark Turnbull says:

More to the point the police had been out to the shooter 47 different times and on the day of the shooting a high ranking cops son came into school with a bullet proof girls seen a man shooting a rifle in full body armour and why did the police cowardly bastards wait out side instead of going and the same corrupted sheriff this is the second time he used a tragedy to push his political agenda

Archive Comments says:

That is a wonderful all BAN THElNFOWARRlOR and ALEX JONES CHANNEL youtube they are a fake news it's not on local channels TV not on internet 😀

Derek Cliff Crane says:

funny how hogg suddenly knows everything about everything now fed lies

Mary Thompson says:

In Alex defense he has warned us this was in the making and going to happen for years. Sign up to all of these Conservative sites individually to continue getting your information.

Roy Walker says:

Y'all don't get it… Y'all just don't get it lmao. Y'all allowed and praised Agit Pi for deregulating net neutrality, but then get pissed when your content is legally surpressed under the same laws. This is what y'all wanted right?! I bet now that's a pill that's hard to swallow.

Mardasee says:

OT…Obama the Kenyan got away with the presidency. His wife Michelle the he/she got away with being first lady. Think about it!

Smiling Bolt says:

I hope your channel gets banned, loser

Mardasee says:

OT….Hillary is still free

Mardasee says:

Sociopaths basically own the media. How did they succeed? Why did normal people allow it to happen? It's phenomenal. God did it?

River Smithe says:

David Hogg will have a rude awakening when he realises no one cares and it's all for show. Those facebook Muppets have no dignity or integrity.

soaringeagleriverwom says:

Every one needs to move to d tube x 22 is going to this platform

grabir01 says:

Of course they are.

FF8WasTheBestFF says:

Trump is too busy doing more damage to the 2nd amendment than any democrat thought they could get away with to ever mention what is happening to his supporters online and elsewhere. Oh sorry I'm not allowed to question Trump. Let me get back in line… MAGA!!!! sigh

jeff wolf says:

Hahahahaha serves you right you bullshit lying piece of crap.

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