🔴WATCH: Trump Holds School Safety Meeting with Members of Congress

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President Trump is holding a meeting with bipartisan members of Congress today on school and community safety. Watch the LIVE STREAM here.

LIVE NOW: Trump Holds School Safety Meeting with Members of Congress

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Debra Mulgrew says:

make laws that being a criminal is against the law

Debra Mulgrew says:

secure our schools stop this gun free zones that allow our children to be sitting duck i bet right now they have security at that meeting

Daily Red Pill says:

Cartel, Gang Members, Robbers, Carjackers, Rapists & Mentals (gray area) will always have underground purchased guns.

George Senda says:

I loathe Dianne Feinstein. She carried a gun in her purse when she was Mayor of San Francisco, had police guards, lived in Marin County instead of San Francisco as required by law. The second biggest phony in Democratic politics behind Nancy Pelosi.

TC says:

Trump speaks truth

Rob Donaldson says:

"The truth is, they want to ban every gun in America. It's just not politically savvy to admit it. So they try to achieve their goals one gun and one accessory at a time." —Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso

Mars 305 says:

Regret to vote for this stupid liberal. He is a puppet from DemocRAT party.

Mars 305 says:

Mr. TRUMP if you keep yielding to democRATS in everything they want, i.e. the banning of the AR-15 or not defending our 2nd A. and lately attacking the NRA, you are in troubles with us, We The People. Sorry, but you'll be only one term POTUS. Bye, bye traitor.!!

angela pyle says:

I can't watch all of this because it make me ill. I feel like Trump has duped me.
To watch him listen to those idiots who want to take our guns..I'm just sick

Avetarx says:

"1776 will commence again If you try to take Our firearms" -Alex Jones

ross lambda says:

4 guards with theguns waited for 10 minutes..then they disavow responsibility when they choked and kids died

ross lambda says:

trump is losing his base if they go at this and ignore the fact criminals dont get permits and too talk like that about the nra

Celtic Dude says:

Gun show loop hole is a myth. At 18 you can move out of your parents home and rent an apartment. You are of age to join the military. You can buy a car. You can consent to sex. Age is not the problem.
I am all for gun control. Keep gun away from liberals.

evilorgood truthwins says:

If Lawlessness exist it is gov to protect with Justice, taking guns is not the answer, background check is common sense but not from the last admin of pure lawlessness is the problem. the Police dept all need to upgraded get lawlessness out and put vets in that care and know who the sissy is..or comparable vet that knows who the oath and no sissified types.

TreeTopFlier says:

HANG THE PERPETRATORS….I bet it gets better!

TreeTopFlier says:

How about we hang the perpetrators by the neck first before we make a bunch of laws… so the next guy has unpleasant things to consider.

foulpotato says:

My prediction about him being a centrist was right

BadNews Bear says:

How about we bring back insane asylums? How are you going to force someone to take their pills if they aren’t hospitalized? I’m not hearing statements and questions that need to be asked.
So it’s a cultural problem? How does it change? The criminals will keep being criminals. Maybe criminals should serve their actual time. Maybe we should actually use the death penalty.

joedawg713 says:

Thank you Mr president. I support the second amendment and I also support a full ban on assault rifles, raising the age to purchase any firearm to 21, and putting the nit cases in the NRA firmly back in their place. This free for all crap can't continue. The average man can barely drive straight, nevermind wield an AR15. They do not belong in every other morons hands.

Mark C says:

well… looks like I won't be voting for Trump in 2020

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