Airstrikes in Syria stop aid and medical evacuations

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Continued airstrikes in Syria’s eastern Ghouta region stops planned aid delivery and medical evacuations. A five-hour truce was meant to evacuate wounded and let civilians escape from the besieged rebel-held enclave.

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Owais Qarni says:

Oh my God save seriya

Mak Po says:

They deserve it!!!!!

Md Afzal Ali says:

Be one Leaving Firqa in Islam Bihar India

Kh Zurfain says:

Save syria from kashmir india

Mohammed S says:

save the people

Umesh Kumal says:

please save Syria country

haris muhammed says:

The original war will come…. For syrian people…. Dont scared…

haris muhammed says:

Allah…. Be… with you……

All about music says:

Allah tabarak tala apne pyare habib ke sadqe tufail mein syria ke mazloomo ki hifazat farma, Ameen…

Adeeb inamdar says:

O my allah save syria…aamin

Shivam Pandey says:

one day karma will strike back …..


america plz save india

yudhi adhyatmiko siswono says:

Boohoohooo they failed to create Islamic State, woe to them.

Dilkash khan says:

Save syria from delhi india

Jim Smith says:

Ghouta is al Queada. It was never agreed upon to include them in the ceasefire. Send a fukkin Sarmat in there. Get the fukkin story straight you maggots. Dismantle the CBC.

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