Authorities are searching for the person who fatally shot a man on Facebook Live

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A suspect is being held without bail in the fatal stabbing of a medical student in a library.


TheGrays says:

What you know it was a fucking nigger that shot him and not a white person, thats why those niggers BLM aint doing shit!

ZhangK71 says:


Justin Turner says:

The government did the CDC guy.

William Gates III says:

Came here for the angry racist devils…

Snow Bunny says:

I hope they catch this coward ass punk bitch

Andy M says:

I say keep the thug out there on the streets. He is doing the area a great service by killing other thugs. Now there is one less to support.

Rob Simpson says:

It was Eric Trump!

june towel says:

knife attacks .. do we go after knives now??

Betzayda Brethour says:

Sickening oh my gosh horrible

Blicky Got the Stiffy Ugh! says:

They caught him.

Andres E. Gomez M. says:

What if they sent American criminals to North Korea prison camps and ask their government to execute them in the worst possible ways?

Davor Gazic says:

What to EXPECT in a country with MORE GUNS than PEOPLE!

Nimue says:

Oh no two criminals shot at each other?! Must ban guns. Since you know they bought that gun legally. Guy stabbed someone multiple times?! Better ban knives. Or of course we can open our eyes and see guns arent the problem here. People being mentally fucking insane is the problem. But that doesnt bring in viewers or raise the ratings so lets just stick with guns being the problem. America

Alan MacFarlane says:

Hate your dad .. you will have divorces .. affairs and dead children for a future. Hate your mom .. you will be an addict. This is all in the muscle memory and Autonomic Nervous System and it can be healed .. but the person has to want to change. For example .. stop drinking whiskey every day .. or smoking Marlboros every day .. or give your self to your partner so she is the only one who touches you. Stuff like that … every one is an Addict in the Human Condition. Every one is Dysfunctional .. Neurotic and basically screwed up in having a broken heart. Easy to fix .. just a corker to get done. Bill Cosby is not interested in changing him .. he already has a Doctorate in Comedy or something. So he good.

sumbuddie wear blind sea

Be ready to get trolled says:

Yayyyiiieeee, give AMERICANS more guns!!so simply available, like candies.

Capt. - F/V Invictus says:

Glad they caught that NRA member shooting that other guy on Facebook Live

The Man Who Forgot Time says:

So is Bill Cosby sure that woman was 'his' daughter? She looks more like Denzel Washington. I suggest his wife wasn't exactly keeping her legs together while Bill was raping women.

heroic spirit rlsh says:

How terrible.

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