BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Just ROCKED the Deep State With MAJOR Announcement About FISA Abuse

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Kelly Cohen for the Washington Examiner reports, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that the Justice Department will investigate alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, months after President Trump has argued that the Obama administration used FISA to spy on his transition team.

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m beginization says:

FISA went after Trump in the russian investigation so maybe Sessions cant get involved due to his morals

Gary Farmer says:

I really thought that Sessions was a Christian Warrior but maybe the death threats got the better of him. What the hell took him so long? Now is the time that truth is considered a lie to be censored. TYRANNY has flourished and must now be removed like the cancer it is! Save your grandchildren's children Mr. Sessions.

Sandra Davis says:

Sessions looked tired and beat up…

reg profant says:

He is such a whimp

Alexandra ? says:

This has to be done…promptly. can't wait for the midterms or if the corrupt Democrat party gets any power they will bury this and we are lost as a nation

grizzmax says:

Hate to say it but he should have done it a long time ago. He should have done countless things a long time ago. All this wasted time just gives the oppostion time to destroy evidence. I dom't trust him at all.

Leotisone says:

High standards my a..,get him gone now!

cathy dyment says:

Remember were dealing with high strung crazies, on drugs, he doesn't want to send them in to complete panick before their ready to take them out, still getting the padded cells ready I suppose? Butt boy, the kids will be glad when its over. Go Trump

John Carpenter says:

So he is going to actually do something? Amazing.

George says:

That's not what the president tweeted. I G has no powers of prosecution or anything else to bring down the deep state. AG sessions is side stepping his responsibility. Get lower eschelon of FBI to do the investigation and have Congress oversight of progress.

James Ramirez says:

Breaking News Dude: Jeff Sessions appointed an IG that has NO POWER to Indict! Sessions is Two Steps From being a RETARD!

Abc 123 says:

Sessions will do nothing
This is just a cover for the deep state criminal creatures

Anna Hoffmaster says:

Sessions is not strong in acting quickly. He seems to be sitting on the fence. We need someone who will seek the criminals out, arrest, prosecute and sentence them this year, not in 2025! American Citizens have waited much too long for justice to be served!

will friar says:

DEMONCRAPS AND CHILLY QUEEN WANTS EVERY WOMAN'S GUN TURNED IN OR TAKEN AWAY. GUNS IN EVERY WOMAN'S PURSE IS GOOD GUN CONTROL. HEY IF ONE TEACHER HAD BEEN PACKING COULD SHE HAVE SHOT BACK AT THE MASS KILLER WHO HATED HER. SAVING LIVES AND BEING A REAL HERO NOT A VICTIM, NOPE TAKE EVERY OTHER PERSONS GUNS AWAY . THAT WAY THE PEOPLE WHO HATE ME CAN'T ARM THEMSELVES. OH HE LL NO my lesbian sister says. If SHE was AT PULSE she would have shot omar no doubt. She has a permit and always carries, but it's illegal to have a gun in an place that serves booze. Most women that carry don't care, laws on one hand, the safety and future life on the other. Better to carry and live than die like a sheep my sister says. her lady friends are always PACKING the lady three eighty. I'm glad. a gun in every woman's purse would have saved lives at pulse. Time to ban gun free killing zones. Make any shooter worry about if someone is packing, not be sure the victims are disarmed by THE LAWS OF THE LAND THAT MAKE YOU A VICTIM. WHY PICK A GAY BAR? BECAUSE IF YOU WENT TO A BIKER BAR THE CHICKS WOULD SHOOT YOUR LIL BU TT. AND THEY WOULD FEED YOU TO THE PIGS,OUT IN THE SWAMP OF SOUTH FLORIDA.

Drey Justus says:

He is a clown nobody is going to jail

hulkefarm says:

Love the NRA ad! God Bless!

Deplorable Vet says:

I don't care what Q says. Beauregard is a drooling idiot.

Judith Boltz says:

Take killary and obummer down

Michael Heath says:

He probably thinks that the GOOD OLE BOY thing will work nw but I'm afraid this has gone on Way to long for that!!!

Edwin Stevenson says:

dragging his feet gives more time to bleach and hammer evidence !

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