“Do you disagree that were $14,000,000,000,000 in debt?” Trey Gowdy Grills Medicare

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trey gowdy beats down this official who apparently has no plan but wants to critique a plan for the budget!

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original broadcast date: 4/19/16


Protoka says:

Trey Gowdy: "What does 2+2=?, we are looking for a number that rhymes with floor"
Everybody who shows up to congress: "Well that's a great question congressman. You see those are numbers, and they have been arranged in such a fashion and with such mathematical symbols as to represent an addition. Now the goal here is to add both numbers and produce a sum. We have experts in the field who are working tirelessly to deduce this theory so that we may present it to the American public. I, however, am not authorized to dictate such a sum as it is not my position, nor would I consider myself an expert on the matter."

At that point they should just plead the 5th. Fucking waste of time and oxygen.

Daniel Griffin says:

Stop giving money to other countries we don't have it shrink government trim fat

John R says:

wow is she stupid can't believe this shit

Z says:

are you of the body?

John R says:

wee were did this IDIOT she is a joke

Handy Sandy says:

except illegal immigrants they benefit more from it than the American citizens its meant for, the government is spending 168 billion dollars a year on welfare for illegal immigrants not including unemployment and social security benefits they receive though the government claims their not entitled too I had a friend who went to the welfare office and overheard the caseworker telling an illegal immigrant renewing her benefits telling the child to translate to his mother she got to remember the social security number because the next caseworker may not help her they claim illegals don't receive welfare just the children bullshit in Chicago you can only receive cash benefits for 4 years there is no limit for illegal immigrants also the first thing they holla we pay taxes how with no social number and they proudly holla that out not only are u here illegally you are not suppose to be working under no circumstances

Dennis Robinson says:

how do i get this job????????????????? I can do sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better on sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much lesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
or don't pay me

Charles Murphy says:

It's we're not were.

ilovejdmlawl says:

that girl behind gowdy getting wet af.

John Coulombe says:

It's nice that Gowdy grills all these people but, the disgusting part is nothing ever happens to anyone anyway. This is a Medicare official that was called before Congress knowing she'd be asked to answer hard questions and not having the answers just made her smile. I for one am so damn sick of Washington wasting our tax dollars and then laughing knowing that nothing will ever be done to them. Honest hard work used to be the cornerstone of our nation……now it's seeing how much you can steal and get away with.

Lee Keybum says:

Hell that's a simple question that he's asking her about reforming Medicaid. Stop letting all the bumbs that don't work and just sit around relying on the government for a free pay check and medical services.

Neightrix Prime says:

Well at least she answered. That basically never happens.

Magic Carpet says:

SO SMUG. This woman's level of smugness is at the level of Justin Trudeau.

Michael O'Leary says:

who is the dept owner who is the President of the dept ?? the real slave owner

Thomas Mobley says:

There was health care and there were sick people even back when this nation's constitution was created. It wasn't addressed in the federal constitution because it was considered to be either individual responsibility for those who could afford it or charity for those who could not, and the federal government was not allowed to either usurp individual responsibilities or fund or manage charity. The states and the people of those states do have that power and can create any form of charitable health care they wish to incorporate (or not) and to fund that charitable health care at any rate they desire from their own pockets either individually or through the taxation powers of the state. They can guarantee 'free' health care to their own citizens, to the citizens of other states, even to the citizens of other nations as long as they pay for it from their own taxes. The federal government does not have that authority. Republicans recognized this at one time. Just as with obamacare, instead of repealing it because it's unconstitutional they have decided to just try to manipulate it in the hope they can find a way to gain to their own advantage from it.

John Zee says:

What 's his problem? $14trillion? So what it'll be $15trillion after you pay Govt wages, pensions, job security et that is your and my children's problem. Suck them dry! That is what our laws re taxes are for.

Tereso Flores says:

so yes the answer to reform medicare and medicaid is to give tax deductions to the rich and defund medicare why not just raise taxes?

keiko san says:

if dont have a plan what is she doing all the time ???

nya says:

but how is tax breaks for the rich going to solve anything?

MKK Properties says:


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