Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with Fox News and Sean Hannity

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Fox News media critic, Howard Kurtz speaks to CBC The Weekly’s Wendy Mesley about the network’s cozy relationship to Donald Trump. Kurtz’s new book Media Madness criticizes the media for what Kurtz believes is a bias against Trump.

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maritimer Man says:

CBC is Canada's version of CNN. Fully politicised.

Truth Teller says:

its no way as bias like yourcnn and otherliberal mthrfkrs. and they did not give him debate questions so he can cheat,and theyreport honest news notlies like liberal fks

ClayDog says:

After Obama lived on CNN and MSNBC it is good to see FOX top of the pile now

Barney Quinn says:

And the CBC doesn't have a "cozy relationship" with that incoherent, low IQ Justin Trudeau???

Miguel Salazar says:

The kind of advantages a tyrant friendly news media receive are almost comparable to the ones received by the inner circle of oligarchs. The prospect of a newly. Installed tyrany is equally appealing to some newscasters as to become facilitators due to the advantages mencioned above.

Pat Peacock says:

They know the truth about fox.that why they don't let fox in Canada.

ben dunn says:

FOX cannot be considered to be the voice of conservatism. I am a liberal but I'm sure most "real" conservatives detest Hannity and FOX. FOX is the voice of the right wing lunatic fringe.

Mark Dichter says:

Fox news was denied a broadcasting license in Canada because Canada did not consider them to be a legitimate news organization.

davetucker63 says:

Oh really? What did Obama say about Fox News? President Obama is raising eyebrows and the ire some of journalists with his feud against the Fox News Channel. Jeff Greenfield reports. Let's help your non biased memory.

Did CNN engage in activism in the 2016? Coumo said, "we couldn't have helped her any more than we have."

Does MSNBC present news or is their job according to Mika," It's our job to control what people think"?
Poor little snowflakes, you can't control what people think any more.

Kato Miler says:

Sean Hannity, the Lewis Prothero (V of Vendetta) of Fox (disinformation) news.

Kato Miler says:

Fox news, the Russia Today (RT) of U.S. media

Marak Lia says:

Funny, Howard Kurtz had a CNN show and I had no idea whatsoever where he leaned politically…
Fox News is where conservatives go to express their ideology at free will.

Morten Sembach says:

USA are a melting pot of mediocre snot combined with puke.
You dont find a dumber or more ignorant nation.

Leif Harmsen says:

Newspapers were always mostly aligned with one party or the other of the two parties? Central problem is the distorted 2 party hyperpartisan single winner district voting system.

nick smith says:

lets compare your complaints of FOX to all the other bias news channels.. CNN is not news… they are a political 100%

leon singleton says:

Trump has the economy booming and tax cuts for the middleclass and bringing back the jobs the democrats gave to China.

Stephen Walker says:

Dear CBC,
I hope that Fox News gets identified for what it is… a daily diet of propaganda. Many countries feed the world with false stories and insults. Fox News is no different. To me it's a white collar version of organized crime. In the 1930's the mafia ran Chicago. Today Fox News runs the US by controlling conservatives. I would love it if Fox News went bankrupt. They throw insults and lies and influence the country that Hillary Clinton is a criminal. "Lock her up" they chant. I look at society and think why do some people get incarcerated for committing crimes and others like Fox News get away with it with no repercussions? Canada is very fortunate to not have Fox News or Beitbar News. It's just sad that so many Americans watch it. Countries like Saudi Arabia and China do everything they can to seek financial ownership of the news so they can control what US citizens hear and think about. It will be great when President Trump gets impeached and Hillary Clinton becomes the first US woman President. Hopefully in 2018. Can't wait! What a triumph it will be over the forces that divide us. Thank you CBC for reporting on Donald Trump's cozy relationship with Fox News and Sean Hannity. There's so much corruption in Fox News in my opinion.
Stephen Walker
Plymouth, MI

Michael Leggett says:

It was at a White House Press Conference when Correspondents were asked what organization they were from, Paul Hunter said that he's from CBC News, to which Mr Trump replied like the guy from Queens he is "You guys are characters." After watching "The National" with a dizzying array of NY Times/Washington Post Writers as Guests to break down the latest Trump Action, CBC gave away its' true intention with Wendy Mesley leading the pack to be another annoying talking head on MSNBC or CNN.

sheffandjelley says:

CBC…waw waw waw cry babby dip shsits

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