Envelope containing unknown substance opened at Joint Base Myer: Marine official

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The official said several people started to feel ill and the building was immediately evacuated.


funk off says:

Oh no not the fbi your better off sending that to the boy scouts they could figure it out faster.

Car Spotting Chicago says:

Yep, North Korea, probably

scottystruth says:

Attacked by the floundering deep state

Kirk Foret says:

God I hate the way she talks…. It's not the end of the world you don't have to over exaggerate every word.

Professor Sole Breaker says:

This crap happens because the punishment meant for melanin for dominating c.o. and u.v. is being put on males only.

Notice whose needs are being fulfilled by smoke and sand.

Weet-bix says:

It was those fucking towel head muslims

Andrey Ivashin says:


Sophia Eleftheria says:


s ofg says:

yea and I been looking into that substance turns out it can be than mk secret ingredients behind all the mass shootings

Sally Taylor says:

What did CNN do now!!??

Paul Drake says:

Put a turd in the envelope then they would know what it is.

Animated Tigress says:

Well luckily you get anthrax shots if your in military when deployed. Which means they should be ok.

wanker plutoium says:

YouTube Ultra mind control has Russian and North Korean video's next to this to make it look like they did it. We know it was Big Pharma. Trump is taking them down , so they send a letter with free samples. God bless our Marines

Arsen L says:

Give it to trump

zigyzigy13 says:

That substance is just an OPIOID with "them" sniffing/licking it.
Hello, opioid CRISIS.
Sniff it and lick it like there is no tomorrow circulating it among white population in disguise as "unknown substance".

Joe F says:

I guess it's time to ban "assault" envelopes. I hope they catch whoever did this and make an example of them by putting a bullet into their brains 15 minutes after the guilty verdict is read.

s ofg says:

I cant find this on the news no where

David Holcomb says:

Another libtard attacker prick on the loose!!!

Gilbert Witherspoon says:

Sounds like 2001,(911)

Dan Banks says:

Its crystal meth…

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