Gutfeld on the worst state in the union

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Study: California has worst ‘quality of life.’

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Ms Ornelas says:

I moved from California and i didn't realize how dirty it was until i drove through the next state over. For being such a beautiful state it really is filthy! That is also what i think about my visits to Mexico. Hmm? Sanctuary State?

Jay Bird says:

New York (at least the metropolitan area) is quickly becoming exactly like Cali….Its a liberal dystopia, absolutely horrific place to live..and  could not be happier that I moved the heck out to SC

WE TSH Yvette says:

Wow! It is very scary here, but we live here, and this is home. It is turning into an expensive $#£¥hole!!

The Renumerator says:

Deflect and obscure, basic liberal defense methods. No reality here just liberal indignation at being called out.

Billy Holmes says:

as a Texan we welcome all patriotic Americans if you come here and are pretending to love this country our flag and our god we will find out and happily take you out snipe hunting ….

Beyond_the_Infinite says:

I live in SF Bay Area where libtards outnumber people by 3:1.  During the election I put a "Hillary for Prison" sign in my front yard.  When some moms walked their kids to school around the corner, they would gather up their kids and run across in front of my house looking frightnened like the bad Trump boogie man was going to get them. LMAO!  People here are literally insane.

Bret H says:

As a third generation Californian all I can do is apologize for the idiots that came here and ruined my state and now are coming to your state to ruin it

Seafarer64 says:

So very, very glad that I fled that shiitehole years ago.

The Project says:

⚠️ California is a warning for the rest of the country. Socialism always fails many people die.

NXSX says:

This show would be a lot better if Juan's comments were cut and replaced with a commercial or even static.

Surfer 10 says:

Be aware Texas, they are coming to take over your state. Don't forget this, Don't mess with Texas. If they don't like it there tell them to go home to where ever that is.

Xo Xm says:

YUP! Just walk on Ellis Street. Human waste, stray animals and people…young and old living on the street. Nancy is doing a great job! PHUCK!

Rand Jooe says:


Why Doesn't Juan Invite All Those Homeless, 'HOME'

NC III% says:

jaun should wipe the shit off his ears from his head being so far up his ass..

John Lakis says:

I lived​ in LA and it is nothing like this they want to put it down because it is extremely democratic.  I am not rich and LA is beautiful it does have its bad areas like all other cities but it has beautiful areas.  It is such bullshit

George V says:

Juan is absolutely a clueless liberal buffoon! He is on this show strictly for diversity. Get rid of the mutant!

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