Hannity: It is time for Jeff Sessions to do his job

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If Jeff Sessions isn’t up to the task, and if he wants to create a two-tiered justice system, then he should resign.

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Aaron Jelsema says:

Hannity just spews the same conspiracy-laden ramblings day after day, week after week. He has been assuring us that these "Watergate-level revelations" will lead to something of substance for years now. Don't fans and supporters….first of all….get fatigued from listening to the same thing every day….and second….wonder why nothing ever comes of it? No indictments, no investigations, no proof. Just an ever-so-slowly-shifting narrative that takes viewers/listeners down the rabbit hole of propaganda and insanity like a bad soap opera, but never leads to a payoff. He has truly begun to drift into InfoWars territory.

Trump is a disgrace to and scourge on conservatism and the GOP. The man is a con artist, his actions distasteful at best and potentially criminal at worst. He is completely and utterly devoid of morals, is the worst of the swamp denizens he claimed he would drain, and a buffoon of the highest order. I also think it extremely likely the man suffers from serious mental illness. If you go back and watch tape of him from the 80's, he at least wore the guise of an intelligent, thoughtful, well spoken man who had some semblance of a conscience. It appears to me that his downward spiral began around the time of his failings in Atlantic City, and has reached a low point now of total moral bankruptcy and ever more tenuous grasp on reality in general . I often liken Trump supporters to the flat Earthers. Like those who deny the voluminous evidence to the contrary proving the Earth is indeed round, Trump's base seems willing to overlook and make excuses for any level of buffoonery, scumbaggery, disgraceful behavior and incompetence in their blind support of a man who has never demonstrated any worthiness of their faith nor loyalty.

At least, although even as someone with conservative views I still often disagree with them, people like Carlson and Beck are wiling to call Trump on his failings and maintain some modicum of honor, respect and trust. Hannity is the worst kind of shill for Trump. He is obviously a smart man, which means his campaign of propaganda is a premeditated plot to not only spread misinformation and ignorance, but results in an even larger wedge being driven between Americans at a time when the worst thing for the country is further separation and divide. It really is evil – putting one's own ambition and the interests of a corrupt minority above the best interest of the many. It is a disservice to his viewers and the country as a whole and a comlete skirting of his duty as a "journalist".

The GOP, whether you subscribed to their political views or not, used to be respected as a party of honor and moral virtue. Now, even even staunch conservatives have to admit if they're being honest with themselves that by blindly following Trump in a quest for power they have sunken well below even the admittedly corrupt left-wingers they so often seek to demonize. Rather than distraction by fervently pointing at Hillary's (and others') failings, conservatives must focus on cleaning our own house before we can ever again claim the moral high ground. Just because someone on the left is horribly corrupt, that doesn't mean our own party's corruption and disgraceful behavior is justified or acceptable to overlook. Stop playing the distraction game and fix the cesspool that has swallowed the GOP, then move on to bringing Americans together through dialogue and policy that benefits all, not causing further fissures that threaten to tear our country apart.

Demand better.

Truth Seeker says:

LOL, what if these judges were in on the game plan? They don't seem angry that they were lied to. Worse than Watergate

Truth Seeker says:

Lukewarm Sessions just issued a bland, generic statement to make it look like he is in control. He is not..he is obstructing justice through dereliction of duty.

independent voter says:

The folks investigating Hillary HATED HER !! SO WHAT'S THE POINT? And Carter page was fanatically anti American, calling the U.S. "DISGRACEFUL FOR SPREADING DEMOCRACY", He said Putin was great, and "kind". He handed secret documents to under cover agents – IN TRUMP TOWER

independent voter says:

Hannity used to LOVE sessions. What a bastard

Troy Boulware says:

If Donald Trump hasn't done anything wrong Why does Trump feel the need for Jeff Sessions to protect him ??????

ChubbyBrianVcard says:

By doing his job you mean for Sessions to do whatever he can to pull strings and squash this investigation. Because that's all this show is ever about..

Choose Life says:

My dog Toto just pulled the side curtain and I caught a nasty view of Hillary's square ass and heard that endless coughing.

Daniel Thompson says:

More talk more information no one is acting, the government is corrupt. Hillary is stoll free n other crook is being indited, so, yhe relies go on taking our money and laughing all the way to the bank… no justice for Americans only absolute immunity for anything mamed a congressman or woman. Disgusting!Our system protects crooks and volent crimnals. Victims forget it there is truly two standards in the justice system. Hannity talks and hopes, but nothing happens, it's the same for every program, no changes, Same same simply ashamed. There isn't any accountability,

fractal_force says:

He is useless

fractal_force says:

Get rid of Sessions

Egil Lomeland says:

Sessions has to go

Mia DoubleZeroSeven says:

Where are the investigations? Any indictments? Oh I get it, it’s SECRET because of the “deep state”. The “cabal” is SO deep that it overrides the GOP that controls ALL THREE branches of government. Does that make ANY logical sense??? When you lie you have to spin 10 more to cover the first. Meanwhile you have legitimate criminal investigations, multiple guilty pleas, & more to come….from a special counsel who is a registered REPUBLICAN. You are ALL being PLAYED. The great thing about conspiracy theories is they don’t need corroborating EVIDENCE. Anyone can spit out fake facts, figures & statistics, or yell “HOAX!” Those indictments are real, the non enforcement of Russian sanctions are real. The CORRUPTION is REAL. Trump is on the clock & you can take that to the bank.

lance wolf says:

hannity was such a fan of the stolen DMC emails being released through wikileaks…..now he is worried about that dumb ass carter page's email and text messages in the hands of the FBI..what an ahole

lance wolf says:

fisa abuse? wtfc..when is Hannity going to blame the jews….pretty soon i bet..

randle guill says:

…The Honorable Robert Swan Mueller.
Goodbye ,"president" Trump.
It has been real.

PT Diamonds says:

PRESIDENT TRUMP should fire him and send Secret Service agents to his office have them take his badge and bum rush him out the front door to the curb, and tell him to take a taxi home. Then revoke his security clearance.

Tony Kibbie says:

The problem is 'appropriate process' has long gone by the wayside. It is time to stop knocking and break down the door. Too much tip-toeing around like there is a landmine every 12 inches. Sessions needs to go; he has no fangs. Put Gowdy in!

Geo Thomas says:

Sessions may want to get fired if he is in fact being pressured.

Roberto Viana says:

Sessions is a politician. He is not going to do anything. Sessions needs to go.
If the government commits a crime, you look for a list of complaints that are not punishable? What is this Wallmart?
But, if the Dems don't like you, they go on a witch hunt to look for a non-existent  crime in an attempt to prosecute!

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