How this fashion influencer makes money through her Instagram posts

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Danielle Bernstein is behind the blog “WeWoreWhat,” and documents her life through her social media accounts, blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.


ILhaam Oz says:

Soooo many trolls and haters commenting here; cant you simply be happy for her good fortune..

J. R says:

1:58 I think she generally thinks less than an average person.

Mark Pitts says:

Well she is JEW!!!!!


Have it all
Lose it all

Tall Topp says:

Fast forwarded thru this segment on ABC Nightline. Thought it was a disgrace to the news show.

MariaCruz says:

This girl is pure talent ! She has worked her butt off to kick off a career that many people fail at and has been able to succeed in it. Just because she is not in an office from 9-5pm doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work! Try to put yourself in her shoes for at least a week and you will realize that is not as easy or glamours as it seems.

evileyez504 says:

Step one being rich, step two be white, step three be marginally attractive

Ms.Si says:

Did I just hear “I really work hard”? Really. God bless your thumb.

yl pdz says:

Shame, no closed captions

Dani Mark says:

She photoshops and filters her instagram photos so much coz she doesn't look elegant or classy in real life

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