HR McMaster Is Being Pushed Out Of The Trump Administration

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So Tanks… But No Tanks
Go Drive A Tank Because We Do Not Want Your NeoCon Advice On Anything Anymore


alexdapostman says:

Finally, McMaster is out – he works for Soros all along to spy on Trump! A snake!

m beginization says:

Why is he so slow to remove those who belong to deep state

mawhinney 2.0 says:

McMasters is a agent of deep state. he needs to go. mad dogs a neo con also

Michael Dundee says:

Kick him to the curb

Sydplayson says:

Great! He can go to Israel and stick his tongue up his masters asses full time.

Carolyn Villegas says:

Should have been out months ago.

Truth Teller says:

Get rid of Mcmuslim

brian deleon says:

Great, he's a warmongering golbolist pig!!!! Let's get him out before he gets behind another false flag!!!!!!

Thomas Longhway says:

Next month is to far away we want the traitor out now enough games with letting these crooks walk around dammit

Tammy Eaton says:

It’s time for Kelly to go as well!! What RIGHT has he and Rob Porter to FILTER NEWS and CONTROL/RESTRICT access to the POTUS of PRO-TRUMP PEOPLE!! We don’t NEED ANYMORE DAMN BUSH CRIME FAMILY PLANTS!!! It’s time for Mueller and Co. to FREAKING GO!!!

Gary LeRoy leroygt says:

McMaster = Neocon = Pure Evil

Gary LeRoy leroygt says:

I hope this happens!

Tammy Eaton says:

It’s about DAMN TIME!!! McMaster is the one who is bringing along the anti-Trumpers/NeoCONS and OUSTING Pro-MAGA people.

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