North Korea sent banned weapons and items to Syria — UN experts

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North Korea sent items used in ballistic missile and chemical weapons programs to Syria, along with missile technicians, in violation of UN sanctions, as well as banned ballistic missiles systems to Myanmar, UN experts said.

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Abel Vega says:

Please stop the bombs poor people no more war pleas stop world war 3 president North Korea

Danny C. says:

North Korea is becoming a scapegoat. I can name Taiwan, Russia and now Chinese individuals blaming it on the North Koreans

TheC0mmnMann says:

No one denies that anti-Assad forces use civilians as human shields.

dt says:

Chlorine gas attack on east Ghouta by whom? The sale of N Korean valves to Syria is way old news brought up to further demonize N Korea dragging it into this web of evil of the Assad regime. Assad's government maintained a secular peace in a volatile middle east. Why has the US attacked Syria? MSM's practice of, at best, not telling the whole truth makes us realize how important "alt news" is.

Ni Luh Putu Fay says:

Love north korea

Michael Durazzo says:

We need to destroy the Russians and the Iran’s and
Syrian Chemical killer man

Boris Práznovský says:

And where are saddam husseins weapons if massdestruction?

Peter Jackson says:

LOL how can anyone believe crap like this any more.

Belenyer77 says:

war is business

Dongseong Hwang says:

In spite of that, still CNN wanna Trump to talk with North Korea?

Captain Planet says:

Why wouldn’t Syria use it? It’s cheap and deadly! Sad but true!

GADefence says:

The internet research agency must have gotten paid well for the comments here.

Solder Joe says:

CBC spreading propaganda just like they did for the US in Iraq.

Adel Dadoush says:

You are son's of b**tches when will you stop your false flag attack on Syria after all the UN is a stooge of the west!!

Luka Preradović says:

Misleading by stating speculation as fact like other media too like Fox News.

whutzat says:

But…but…but…the MSM LOOOOOVES Kim Jong Un and his sister!

haval 7 says:

The north Kuria must stop there unjust Filiations with terrace Under chemical attacks

adam b says:

The images show people running around from a destroyed building, where are the satellite images of the ships movement in the sea , I think there is many satellites pointed at that place.

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